From Vietnamese-style to cold drip where to find the best iced coffee in Prague this summer

Just in time for summer, LasSaboritas pick the city's most heavenly (and ho-hum) coffee drinks

Las Saboritas

Written by Las Saboritas Published on 03.06.2020 10:02:00 (updated on 19.09.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

It’s no secret that the gals from LasSaboritas adore coffee. Dark and aromatic, creamy with sugar, hot or cold, we always have coffee in hand.

Summer is here, so let’s go outdoors to enjoy coffee in all it’s coolest forms. We recently hit the streets in search of the perfect iced coffee from the best coffee shops in Prague. That includes affogato, the heavenly Italian dessert made of a scoop of vanilla gelato “drowned” with a shot of hot espresso. In fact, we believe an affogato is an iced latte, but with fancier cream. 

Here is our ranking of the best cafes and coffeehouses for iced-coffee in Prague.

????? – Go there, now!

The iced latte at Venue in Staré Město is made with freshly steamed milk poured over espresso ice cubes and comes with a small bottle of sugar syrup so you can sweeten to taste.  Or try the affogato for a change of pace – both are smooth and delicious. 

???? – Definitely worth a visit

Pick up a nippy iced espresso tonic at Kafé Karlin and take it to Karlínské náměstí for a refreshing break.


This Kyoto-style cold drip tower makes a smooth, clean and fruity iced coffee at Dos Mundos Roastery in Vinohrady. The day-long brew time brings craft to iced coffee in Prague.

Lovers of Vietnamese coffee in Prague, head to Tonkin Cafe in Nové Město for an individually brewed cup mixed with condensed milk. Poured over ice, this delivers the perfect level of creamy strength for anyone within walking distance of Wenceslas Square. 

??? – Good, so stop by if you’re in the area

If you find yourself in the tunnel between Legerova street and the Muzeum metro stop you can get a pretty good iced latte and fantastic service at Coffee Cube Green

Starbucks is featuring a new iced drink for summer, the Cloud Macchiato, with your choice of vanilla or caramel sauce, 2 shots of espresso and masses of fluffy steamed milk over ice. 109 Kč for a grande. It would rate higher if it wasn’t so pricey! 

A hand holding a Starbucks Cloud Macchiato drink with the street in the background.
Starbucks Cloud Macchiato / photo by LasSaboritas


Drop by Coffee Room in Vinohrady for a well-rounded iced flat white and sit outside. People watching is the perfect summer activity at any cafe in Prague.

The iced latte at Prostě dobrý kafe in Smíchov is big, smooth and flavorful.  The cheerful baristas will happily add your favorite flavored syrup like vanilla or caramel.

Cocovanka boho kavarna in Malá Strana keeps things simple with a straightforward iced latte.

Small, overpriced, but acceptable iced lattes can be had at I Need Coffee! in Staré Město, where the staff attitude is even icier than the drinks.

?? – Meh

The iced coffee options at LAbSpace on the Náplavka waterfront were ok. Like the establishment itself, they need some time to develop to their full potential. Read our full review for details on this unique location to enjoy iced coffee in Prague complete with a stunning view.

? – Avoid

Don’t bother with the flavorless, watered-down coffee frappe at Cafe McQueen in Staré Město. 

We were excited to try the affogato at Minie’s Espresso Bar & Gelato at Manifesto Market Florenc but the small size, bland espresso, and poor presentation let us down.  

From crisp cold drip to an affogato treat, summertime in Prague isn’t complete without an iced coffee outdoors. Do you agree with our iced coffee reviews? Did we miss your favorite iced coffee in Prague? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at@lassaboritastoday.

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