From dessert tastings to eggnog liqueur: Sweet foodie gifts from Czechia

These holiday gift ideas for the food lover in your life focus on chocolate, coffee, and Czech cuisine's sweetest offerings.


Written by Ambiente Published on 29.11.2023 16:00:00 (updated on 05.12.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

Have your children already devoured the St. Nicholas advent calendar? Do your nearest and dearest enjoy indulging in both baking and eating what's baked? Is there ever a day when your closest wouldn't consume at least a bar of chocolate? If you have a sweet tooth or many nearest and dearest, continue reading for gift ideas, hand-picked by the culinary brilliance at Ambiente, that are perfect for satisfying holiday sweet tooths this season.

Homemade preserves, granola or nut butters

The morning sets the tone for the day, and in this case, a delightful breakfast ensures just that. Why not consider marmalade from Eska? With a variety of flavors and sizes to choose from, we'll share a little secret: strawberry and apricot are among the most popular choices.

If you want to give a healthier gift, granola is a fantastic option. Available at U Kalendů or at the Bjukitchen Bistro. You can also get it at the Ambiente club

If granola isn't quite sweet enough, you can add a sweet spread. Hesitant about which to choose? Get the Big Boy tasting set featuring a variety of chocolate and nut butter.

Gingerbread, meringues, eggnog: Give classic Czech flavors at Christmas

For a sweet finish to your Christmas (or the perfect foodie gift), you can't go wrong with preserved fruit from Eska, coconut, butter cookies, gingerbread, or even meringues from Myšák. And what to wash it all down with? Classic Czech egg-nog flavored Věneček liqueur, of course!

How about a chocolate tasting? Do you want to taste chocolate like a real taster, learn something new, and have fun while doing it? Ajala's gift package features chocolates that have earned recognition in prestigious competitions such as the International Chocolate Awards and the Great Taste Food Competition, often referred to as the gastronomic Oscars.

TIP: The holders of a Czech Senior Card get a free black coffee and 20 percent off their meal at Myšák. To be eligible for the discount, show you the card at the Ambiente Club in the Exchange Palace. 

Give the gift of choice

Not sure what your sugar addicts will appreciate the most? A gift voucher is a sweet deal, with several sinful options to choose from including Dessert Tasting at Myšák, Breakfast for Two at Myšák, or Breakfast for Two at Café Savoy.

Additionally, the Ambiente card can be filled up with any value, making it the perfect gift for indecisive or discerning friends and family members.

Gift boxes full of sweet treats are available at Šufan, an Olomouc-based artisan roaster of nuts and handcrafted chocolate. Their gift box of the best goodies includes nut granola, coconut nests, or hazelnut butter with 70 percent organic chocolate, among others.

Pair sweet gifts with coffee

Pair your sweet treat with the gift of coffee. Candycane, located in Industra in Brno, as well as Doubleshot, Nordbeans, and Dos Mundos, offer an extensive array of flavors. Additionally, in Dejvice's Kafemat, you'll find coffee from London's Square Mile roastery, led by the well-known barista and YouTuber, James Hoffmann.

TIP: For those who like to mix their own coffee drinks, the Ambiente Club in the Exchange Palace sells coffee syrup from Rocafé, knowledgeably mixed by Čestr barista Roman Cankov.

Do something meaningful for the less fortunate

And, lastly, here's something for those with a kind heart who wish to make a positive impact this holiday season. Consider inviting someone to lunch who truly values it and hasn't had an easy time in life. Lunch for Another vouchers go to non-profits that help the homeless, single mothers, and seniors.

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