French Speaking Jobs in Prague

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French Speaking Jobs in Prague.

French speaking jobs in Prague have grown dramatically over the past few years with the ongoing expansion of SSCs in the Czech Republic. The SSC acronym which stands for Shared Service Centres are not what many people imagine them to be. SSCs are not BPOs (business process outsourcing, more on that later) but are actually a centralised location for the back-office functions of its multinational owner. Rather than having French speaking employees dotted across the globe, companies (think AXA, KLM, SOMFY, etc) can situate all their back office departments and staff in one centralised location in the centre of Europe. SSC operations therefore typically span across the whole company department structure, from IT through to accounts, Customer Service, Sales and positions range from Junior to Senior Management.

Given the incredibly low unemployment here in the Czech Republic both SSCs and BPOs have shed the stereotypical soulless department filled with low paid junior positions. Corporations seeking to attract people who are looking for French speaking Jobs in Prague understand that the Czech Republic is currently an applicants market, and therefore are putting their money to work and continue to invest in amazing locations, modern open space offices and employee benefits. In addition, all the major SSCs BPOs work hard to create environments that blur the lines between work and social culture which make SSCs a great option when relocating to a new country.

Average salaries for French speaking positions in Prague

Salaries change fast in Prague for foreign speakers based upon the needs and requirements of SSCs and BPOs, however, the following table will give you some insight into the average salaries you can expect as a French speaker in Prague. It’s important to note that the cost of living can be very competitive in Prague and therefore many people find that their disposable income is higher than in their native countries.

French speaking IT & Telecommunications salaries in Prague

French speaking roles Min EUR Max EUR
French speaking IT Administration/ Operations 1250 2400
French speaking Technical Support (Team leader) 1800 2600
French speaking Developer (3-5 years experience) 2100 4200
French speaking IT Consultant - ERP consultant 2400 3500

What is a BPO ?

So, unlike an SSC which is owned and operates for its parent multinational, a BPO is an independent centralized back office solution. Should a mobile operator needs more sales – it can be outsourced to a BPO. If an airline needs more customer service staff over the summer months – it can be outsourced to a BPO. When a company expands into a new market it can outsource some of its needs to a BPO. Working for a good quality BPO can often offer similar work environments, the main difference being, many BPOs have a higher turnover of staff and the work may be more varied as BPO contracts can change depending on the needs of the BPO clients.

Where to find French speaking jobs in Prague?

As a French speaker, Job opportunities have never been so varied in Prague. For a full list of jobs available today using your native French in Prague try

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