Coffee scene comeback: 5 new сafés to try in Prague this summer

With dispensing windows a thing of the past for now, these new cafés offer lovely interiors and tantalizing food and drink.


Written by Protisedicz Published on 28.07.2021 13:03:00 (updated on 28.07.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes

This is a translation of an article that originally appeared on Czech culture server Proti šedi. Read the full article in Czech here. Text by: Natalie Vlčková

Last year saw the tragic closure of сafés and restaurants across the Czech Republic due to the pandemic. Optimistic baristas kept us going, smiling through dispensing windows and handing much-needed cups into the hands of eager patrons. In the midst of it all, several new cafés have managed to open in recent months, allowing lovers of coffee and good vibes in Prague to get back to it in person.

The FLAT cafe

Kodaňská 81, Prague 10

The Flat café opened its doors in Vršovice on Kodaňská Street at the beginning of June. There is no shortage of café's in the area but this one is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy a proper English breakfast under the watchful eye of Her Majesty the Queen (its dominant feature being an unmissable portrait of the British monarch). Cakes and desserts, including a typical English Victorian sponge cake for five o'clock tea, come from Vinohrady's Confectionery No. 1.

Kafe Vzlet

Holandská 669, Prague 10 

At the end of last year, three Prague cultural organizations, the Vosto5 Theater, the Baroque Orchestra Collegium 1704, and the Pilotů Cinema in Vršovice, breathed new life into a disused building of the First Republic cinema founded by the Sokols in Vršovice using CZK 1,200,000 in funds from a crowdsourcing campaign. Also in Prague 10 Vzlet ("vzlet" means to take off in Czech) is a multifunctional space that houses a theater, gallery, concert venue, and, last but not least, a café. Selected coffee from the Nordbeans roastery in Liberec, pastry from Coffee & Cake workshop, beer from the Vinohrady Brewery, and wine from the Michlovský winery. 

Antonínovo pekařství's Chleb a hry (Bread and Games)

Štefánikova 339, Prague 5 

The first branch of Antonínovo pekařství opened seven years ago at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square, but since then five more have been added to the map of the capital in Vršovice, Karlín, Holešovice, Dejvice, and most recently also in Smíchov on Arbesova náměstí directly at the tram stop. The latest branch differs combines an Albi board game store with a ground floor scented with freshly baked bread and specially blended coffee from the Doubleshot roastery. At this branch of Antonín's bakery, ice cream is available spring to autumn, soup is served daily according to the weekly menu, and newly there an all-day breakfast on offer, with semolina porridge or a thick slice of the bakery's famed bread topped with ham and a fried egg served from 7 am to 6 pm. 

Antonínovo pekařství Chleb a hry / Photo via Facebook
Antonínovo pekařství Chleb a hry / Photo via Facebook

Espresso bar 20m²

Bělohorská 265, Prague 6

A small space doesn't have to be a disadvantage, on the contrary, the cozy subtlety of an environment, filled with the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee is one of the basic prerequisites for a great espresso bar. You'll find this in spades on Bělohorská Street in Břevnov, where 20m² opened in February. If you happen to be walking around the area, you can't help but notice the striking turquoise door and the large ocher exterior sign. Take away not only excellent coffee but also cakes, brownies, organic lemonade, and cider. 

Ye's coffee wine 

Za Karlínským přístavem 699, Prague 8 

There are never enough cafés, not even in Prague's Karlín district, famous for their abundance. However, the espresso bar with a wine bar in one combo is lacking even in this Mecca of cafés and bistros of all kinds. The café with the Ye's name began life on the Letná scene, but its new, airier, and more spacious branch with a slightly different concept opened in Prague 8 from March. Delicious wines and the view of the Vltava from the adjacent garden only intensifies the experience.

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