English-friendly app shines a light on Czech law for victims of domestic violence

Bright Sky, a resource helping people in abusive relationships, offers an update clarifying legal issues.

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Written by Expats.cz StaffČTK Published on 23.03.2023 07:30:00 (updated on 23.03.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

An app designed to help and protect victims of domestic violence has announced an update that will help them understand Czech law about the crime.

Bright Sky, launched in 2020, offers support and information to anyone who is in an abusive relationship – or knows someone who may be in one. It is available in both Czech and English. 

Understanding the law helps victims

According to government human rights commissioner Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková, people can effectively ask for legal protection only if they know the actual Czech law concerning domestic violence.

The app, therefore, lists which behaviors are illegal, and what can be done to bring perpetrators to justice. It also advises people on how to leave abusive partners and the best methods to do so. 

There is currently no legal definition of domestic violence in Czech law, which for many is problematic. Laurenčíková aims to change this in the near future through a bill that's currently being drafted.


  • Over one-fifth of women in Czechia over 15 years old have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from a partner.
  • Almost 1 in 3 of all Czechs have experienced or witnessed domestic violence in the past.
  • Czech police deal with about 8,500 incidents bearing signs of domestic violence every year.
  • There were 219 cases of domestic violence reported in Prague last year – from 102 in 2021.
  • Around 85 percent of Czech adults consider domestic violence a serious and substantial problem.

    Sources: Beztrestu.cz, Czech Police

During Czechia’s lockdown, the app trained delivery workers to spot the signs of people in an abusive relationship. 

The app is supported by the Czech government, non-governmental organizations, and the Vodafone Foundation.

Substantial help so far

Over 9,000 people have downloaded the free-to-use app. In 2022 alone, users discreetly saved 453 texts, photos, or videos showing domestic violence in their app diaries. The Bright Sky app is used by almost 300 people a day and over 400 people have contacted the police through it over the past year.

The app's new feature aims to help bring violent partners to account, and save thousands from physical and mental pain.


  • ProFem offers legal help, intervention, and online counseling in English.
  • Rosa centrum offers online chat, crisis prevention, and internet counseling.
  • Acorus provides a secret shelter and social counseling for victims of domestic violence.
  • Bílý Kruh Bezpečí offers a free, non-stop helpline for victims.
  • The 116 006 line has been serving victims of crimes and domestic violence in the Czech Republic since January 2015. It is available 24/7.
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