Drunk Czech man mistakes bank for bedroom, sleeps naked by ATM

An elderly Czech man removed his clothes and went to bed in Zlín, but he was at the bank, not in his bedroom

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 08.08.2019 09:32:53 (updated on 08.08.2019) Reading time: 1 minute

A Zlín resident was in for quite the surprise went he went to withdraw cash from the local ATM in the Czech city on Tuesday morning.

Inside the bank doors he discovered a man sleeping naked on the ground, his pants draped over the ATM and shoes and socks on the radiator.

Zlín police were immediately notified, and arrived at the scene in four minutes.

After being awakened by police, the 64-year-old man could not recall how he ended up in the bank, or indeed any details from the previous night. He last remembered arriving to the Moravian city the day before.

Zlín Police conducted a breathalyzer test, and with a BAC of .017% indicating a high level of intoxication, alcohol can be presumed to have had an impact on the man’s night activities.

Apparently, the man had mistook the bank for his home or hotel, and removed his clothes before going to bed.

Police photos depict the man sleeping next to what appears to be a large pile of cash, indicating he may have had further plans before exhaustion set in.

via MP Zlín

“Under the influence of alcohol and quite tired, you come home,” describes Zlín police officer Pavel Janík.

“You use your last bits of energy to remove clothes that you put or hang on the surrounding furniture. Well, what — you’re home, right?”

Not always, apparently.

“The problem, however, was that it was not his bedroom at home, but the ATM room of one of the financial institutions in the center of Zlín.”

The man was treated on the scene by medical examiners who ruled out any injuries. After demonstrating that he could control his behavior, he was allowed to leave the bank of his own volition.

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