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at Fringe Fest ’08




“Salim Ghouse is a wonderfully comic and expressive performer.electrifying”

”Dauntless EnergyHigh Voltage performance.Actor – Writer in total control”

AHOJ! Everybody´s worst nightmare is about to come true, LITERALLY! That missing WMD – WONDER of MIRTH & DELIGHT – MULLA NASRUDIN is all set to run amok and create mayhem in the lovely city of Prague! “DOPPELGANGER” by SALIM GHOUSE is a hilarious rollercoaster of delightful escapades featuring the genius of “THE WISE FOOL”, who has entertained generations for centuries. DEKHUJI!

This contemporary solo comedy mirrors “the SUBLIME & the RIDICULOUS” of today´s turbulent times, as it pays a left-handed compliment to the “WAR on TERROR”, and tickles your funny bone. But, in the present paranoid world, a MULLA however intelligent, is not “Worth a Blair in or out of the Bush” – that redeeming global enterprise WMD – Working for Mutual Deception – triumphs, yet once again. MULLA, R.I.P. rests in pieces, PROSIM!

Mulla Nasrudin was a fictional character, created by the greatest purveyors of learning & wisdom – the Sufis, as a teaching device using humour, almost a thousand years ago! Miguel Cervantes´ “Man of La Mancha” is one such later inspiration. Mulla Nasrudin is also the original harlequin who was adapted into the Commedia Della Arte in European theatre.

“DOPPELGANGER” – Fact, Fiction or Fantasy, Your guess is as bad as anyone else´s?!!?

SALIM GHOUSE is an acting alumnus from the prestigious Film & Television Institute of India at Pune – Asia´a largest film school! A multi-lingual film actor working in major Indian languages, he has also done three international films – KIM, THE DECEIVERS and THE KIDNAPPED PRINCESS.

THE PHOENIX PLAYERS´ rich repertoire of plays includes THE GOOD DOCTOR, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, HAMLET, MACBETH, GHOSTS, MAIDS, KASPAR and BOESMAN & LENA, to name a few plays that have been Directed & Designed by SALIM GHOUSE, apart from acting. TROUBADOUR, based on the great Sufi mystic and poet Mevlana Rumi´s writings, was received with wonderful acclaim, at the Prague Fringe in 2007.

A “KYOSHI” 7th Degree BLACK BELT in KARATE from OKINAWA, JAPAN, he also holds the highest rank in TAICHICHUAN from CHINA in South Asia. He has conducted workshops for professionals, amateurs and students in India and abroad, in body kinesics and rejuvenation, theatre and communication skills for more than three decades.

SALIM GHOUSE loves cooking, reading and listening to music.

Dates – 25th May to 1st June 2008, Time – 21:30 hrs to 22:30 hrs
Divadlo Inspirace, Malostranske Namesti 13, Mala Strana, Praha 1


Welcome to the citys eagerly awaited annual marathon of theatre, dance, comedy, music and film from around the globe. All shows are in English, Czech or are non-verbal and are programmed so that you can see up to 6 shows a day and over 30 shows over the 8 days of Fringe Festival Praha. Shows take place from the afternoon to late evening, most last for an hour or so with time between to zip from venue to venue and grab a bite to eat. Enjoy a warm welcome at our fringe club where you can join the fun, meet the artists and swap notes with other fringe goers on your “hot tickets” for the day…its the fringe way from Edinburgh to Adelaide, now entering year seven here in Prague.

Tickets are 150 CZK.
Student tickets 50 CZK (only available on the door, on the day).

Fringe Voucher for 5 tickets available at Tickestream and can be exchanged for tickets on the day for 600 CZK (including handling fee) (ie 120 CZK per ticket)

Celebrate the arrival of the Fringe! Sunday May 25th – all tickets only 100 CZK

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