Dog takes second solo trip on Prague metro, police suspect it’s not her last

Misi showed particular interest in the city maps on the police computer screens when she was held at the station.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 04.02.2022 14:26:00 (updated on 04.02.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

Dogs are allowed on Prague’s public transit system. One condition though is that a human has to tag along with them.

Earlier this week, a female dog named Misi decided to have an adventure of her own and took a trip from Jinonice and Černý Most, but her plan seems to have ended there as she didn’t know where to go next.

This was not her first solo metro trip, but so far it is the longest. The police expect it won’t be her last, either. Luckily, dogs no longer need tickets in the metro so she was not fined. She did not have the required muzzle, but the police were willing to overlook that, as she didn’t get “ruff” with her fellow passengers.

“Four-legged Misi arrived yesterday by herself by metro to Černý Most. She was brought to a security guard by fellow passengers, and he called the [Metropolitan Police] officers. After an excursion to the station, the owner picked her up,” the Metropolitan Police announced on social media.

Fortunately, Misi had a GPS tag on her collar along with the name and contact details of her human. In some cases, dogs have to be taken to have their identity chip scanned, but this wasn’t necessary. The police reported that she was friendly while waiting for her human to come and get her. “She listened to every word, then jumped up on a chair and at one point seemed to take commands,” the police said.

But this may have been a stealth reconnaissance mission for an even longer trip, a ruse to see inside the police station, which has computerized maps of the city.

“She was very interested in the map on the monitor, perhaps she wanted to plan her next trip. But her joy was thwarted by her owner, who came to get her,” the police said.


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Misi reportedly broke free from her leash while on a walk, at least according to her owner. The exact details are not clear. Dogs are required to be on the leash on sidewalks and even most public green areas, unless they are specifically designated as places where dogs can run free.

They also must be registered and have identity chips, though some older dogs still have identity tattoos from when that was an option. Many dog experts recommend tags or collars with contact info, as this makes finding the responsible human easier.

The previous time she escaped via metro she made it as far as the Karlovo náměstí stop. “The owner cannot explain why she always runs to the metro,” the police said.

The case file will remain open, as Misi is clearly an unreformed recidivist who has yet to learn her lessons. Still, she is a “good girl” despite her wanderlust.

“Misi said goodbye to us, and with her eyes she seemed to be saying, ‘see you next time,” the police said.

She is an amateur, however, compared to Eclipse, a dog in Seattle who for years has ridden the bus solo to a dog park. The black Labrador grew tired of waiting for her human to take her, so she began going alone in 2015, leading her to become an internet sensation. She is still at it, according to social media reports.

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