Czech Republic to offer unlimited one-day train travel pass

As part of the country's OneTicket system, the new pass would allow passengers to travel on all carriers throughout the day for a single price.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 09.10.2022 09:59:00 (updated on 05.12.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

As part of the Czech Republic's OneTicket system, railway authorities are preparing a new option to allow passengers unlimited train travel across all train carriers over one day for a single price, reports travel information portal based on information provided by the Czech Ministry of Transport.

Additionally, talks are underway to extend the OneTicket system to public transport systems within the country, so passenger could travel by train, bus, and other transport methods throughout the Czech Republic as well as within individual cities.

Currently, OneTicket passes can be bought in weekly, monthly, 90-day, 180-day, and yearly increments. The passes cover all railway operators in the Czech Republic, so travelers can catch any train in the country to get to their destination without worrying about the provider.

The weekly pass currently costs 1,665 crowns, while the yearly pass runs 24,981 crowns. A price point for the proposed single-day pass has not been revealed, but should run in the range of 700 crowns, according to Zdopravy.

The current OneTicket system is primarily designed for workers and others who frequently travel across the country and need regular service between destinations. For regular travelers, it can provide significant savings compared to buying individual tickets.

The new one-day passes, on the other hand, would primarily serve tourists and other travelers interested in short-term train travel. It would allow holders to hop aboard a train at will and travel across the county to explore new destinations.

Currently, single-day passes are offered by Czech Railways (from 599 crowns) but do not include integration with other train companies, meaning travelers need to wait for a Czech Railways train to make use of their travel pass.


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“It will apply to all trains covered by OneTicket," says Ministry of Transport spokesperson František Jemelka. "As far as the OneTicket system is concerned, the one-day ticket is proposed in addition to the access agreement with carriers."

Additionally, Jemelka mentions potential collaboration between OneTicket and public transport authorities such as Prague Integrated Transport, which operates metro, bus, and tram travel within the Czech capital.

"Public transport companies have also shown interest in connecting their own one-day travel passes to OneTicket, and passengers could in the future purchase a combination of one-day passes to suit their needs (for example, one-day OneTicket plus one-day Prague Integrated Transport)," he adds.

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