Czech police uncover network of child sex-abuse rings across country

The suspects organized special clubs and activities for the children when attempting to commit the reprehensible crimes.


Written by ČTK Published on 11.09.2023 09:59:00 (updated on 16.09.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czechia has been shaken by revelations about a large criminal group involved in sexually abusing children, which is the subject of an ongoing police investigation. The perpetrators, who exchanged experiences and advice online, allegedly targeted children through clubs and associations.

Establishing a link between separate cases

A spokesperson for the police, Ondřej Moravčík, confirmed the ongoing investigation over the weekend, as reported by iRozhlas. While details of the case and the specific regions involved have not been disclosed due to the active pursuit of suspects, police authorities have highlighted a clear connection between the perpetrators, citing a methodological link in their modus operandi. Their tactics primarily involved exploiting children's cultural and leisure interests to carry out criminal activities.

Authorities have discovered the group's existence through ongoing criminal proceedings related to cases of child abuse in the cities of Ostrava and Tábor. Determined to protect children from harm, detectives executed multiple search warrants, leading to the detainment of several individuals. 

Initially, each case was tackled separately by the police, but further investigation established a link between all suspects, demonstrating that the prosecuted individuals formed part of a larger group suspected of engaging in child abuse across multiple regions.

The case in Tábor came to public attention in May. The individual responsible for organizing leisure activities for children was found to have subjected them to sexual harassment over several years. Jiří Matzner, the regional police spokesperson, conveyed this information through the police website.

Suspects in their 40s

Two men have been remanded in custody by the courts. In Tábor, a 49-year-old man held various clubs for schoolchildren in local elementary schools over several years, revealing he sexually abused more than 10 children. Likewise, a 40-year-old man from Ostrava, who was associated with an organization focused on children's free time activities, faced similar accusations of child abuse.

In June earlier this year, police spokesperson Soňa Štětínská disclosed that the man from Ostrava worked within the division responsible for extracurricular activities for children. Investigations have already established multiple cases of rape committed against young boys. 

Štětínská stated: "The man targeted minor boys, aged between 10 and 15 years, during the activities and events organized by the unit. These particularly vulnerable victims fell prey to various forms of sexual attacks that violated their sexual integrity. The incidents occurred during events organized by the unit throughout our region and even abroad, from around 2000 until the present."

Efforts to protect children from such heinous crimes remain a priority for the authorities, who will continue to pursue justice for the victims and uncover any further perpetrators involved in this network of child abuse.

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