Czech Pizzeria Fined 30,000 CZK for Refusing to Serve Immigrants

Grand Italia eared notoriety after announcing they wouldn’t serve immigrants; a year and a small fine later, the owner has no regrets

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 06.09.2016 09:40:43 (updated on 06.09.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

Last September, pizzeria Grand Italia in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou (Znojmo region) caused a stir on social media when its Facebook page shared a post from owner Tomáš Ševčík. 

“In our restaurant we do not cook for immigrants!!” the post proudly proclaimed, followed by a “Stop Islam” logo. 

The expected backlash soon followed. But there was no shortage of support for the restaurant’s controversial stance.

Grand Italia has received nearly 3,000 reviews on their Facebook page since the statement, many focusing on the proprietor’s anti-immigrant stance.

Perhaps surprisingly, many of those reviews are positive: roughly 2/3 of the pizzeria’s reviewers gave the company 5 stars, with 1/3 rating them at 1-star.

Exactly a year later, Ševčík and Grand Italia shared the post again to further stir the pot. With it, he also includes some information on what transpired since September 2015.


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“Our opinion will not change despite the fine of 35,000 CZK,” the restaurateur states, “because I’m not a sheep, and I can see how we have been betrayed by those who have the reins in their hands, exposing us to the dangers of terrorism and the third World War.”

According to, the restaurant was fined 30,000 CZK by the Czech Trade Inspection for the initial post. After the fine was paid, that amount was reduced to 25,000 CZK on appeal. The owner is currently waiting for the 5,000 CZK difference to be returned.

No word on any potential additional fines for the re-post. 

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