Czech passport rated among world's strongest in new ranking

The Czech passport comes in at number 14 on a new list of the world's best passports to hold that takes into account more than just visa-free travel.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 09.03.2024 10:42:00 (updated on 12.03.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

What are the world's best passports to hold? Traditional rankings like the Henley Passport Index focus solely on visa-free travel, but a new list from financial advisor Nomad Capitalist incorporates additional criteria to give a more balanced view. The Czech Republic comes in at number 14 on the list, and above many of its European neighbors.

While travel ease still makes up half of the Nomad Passport Index, its rankings also evaluate additional factors such as taxation laws, global perception, dual citizenship, and personal freedom. This approach provides a wider perspective on the advantages associated with different citizenships.

Switzerland tops the list of the world's strongest passports with a total score of 109. Holders of a Swiss passport are able to travel to a total of 176 destinations with relative ease, either without a visa, through an electronic travel authorization, or with a visa on arrival. The total number of travel destinations slightly differs from the Henley index due to variations in calculations, with the Nomad index more strict.

But while German citizens, for example, are able to easily travel to more destinations (177), the Swiss passport ranks higher in the Nomad Passport Index due to its top marks in side categories of personal freedom, global perception, and dual citizenship possibility, and also rates highly in taxation, scoring 30 out of a possible 50 points.

Ireland comes in second in the index, with the same ratings as the Swiss passport but one less travel destination. Portugal rates third, with a lower rating for personal freedom but otherwise the same as the Irish passport.

The Czech Republic, meanwhile, comes in a number 14, tied with Sweden, Malta, and the United Kingdom. The Czech passport allows holders to travel to a total of 174 destinations with relative ease, two less than Sweden but two more than Malta (and the same as the UK).

But like the Swiss passport, the Czech passport scores full marks in the categories of personal freedom, global perception, and dual citizenship. Like most countries in the EU, it only ranks low in the taxation category, with 20 points out of a possible 50.

At 106 points, the Czech passport comes in just slightly below Germany, tied for sixth on the list with seven other countries at 106.5. But it rates significantly higher than its other European neighbors, including Austria (24), Poland (31), and Slovakia (34).

Austria loses points for regulations on dual citizenship, Poland for global perception, and Slovakia rates slightly below Czechia across the board. The United States, meanwhile, comes in at number 44 on the list, with the lowest possible score for taxation along with middling ratings on global perception and personal freedom.

As global citizenship becomes increasingly complex, the Nomad Passport Index offers some interesting insights into the multifaceted nature of citizenship. While traditional passport rankings provide a narrow focus on visa-free travel, this new index provides a more comprehensive overview that favors the Czech passport over some of its European neighbors.

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