Czech morning news in brief: top headlines for May 31, 2021

A no-confidence vote in Babiš govt. to be debated this week, Baťa Canal opens for sailing season, and summer comes to the Czech lands at last. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 31.05.2021 09:02:00 (updated on 31.05.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes

MPs to debate no-confidence vote in Babiš government this week

The Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Czech parliament, will debate a vote of no-confidence in the minority government of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ANO party and the Social Democrats (ČSSD) at its session this week. The Babiš government faces a no-confidence motion for the third time. Opposition parties will submit the no-confidence motion on Tuesday morning. Opposition leaders say the cabinet has failed in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic as well as securing strong international solidarity in the ongoing diplomatic rift with Russia. The property scandal and resignation of former health minister Petr Arenberger is another factor. A no-confidence proposal must be supported by an absolute majority of all MPs to effectively topple the government. President Miloš Zeman has already said he would let the Babiš cabinet govern until the October general election should it be forced to tender its resignation. ČTK

Young man found dead in Prague's Vltava River

Prague police and firefighters searching for a young man this weekend discovered the body of what is believed to be a 24-year-old Polish national, on Sunday morning at the bottom of the Vltava River. The young man jumped from a bridge in Prague's center and was found dead after three hours, a police spokesman told ČTK. The identity of the man is yet to be verified, however, according to personal documents found on the spot, he is likely a Polish citizen, police said. Police received a report on Sunday, saying a man was standing on the bridge railing and then jumped into the water. Police, divers, and rescuers reported to the scene of the accident. A police diver found the man dead in the river, near the spot from where he had jumped. Boat traffic on the river section near the Čech Bridge was restricted during the search. ČTK

The first modern port opens on the Baťa Canal

Hundreds of people in Veselí nad Moravou in the Hodonín Region watched the ceremonial opening of the modernized port of the Baťa Canal at the start of the sailing season this weekend. The expansion lasted a year and a half and cost CZK 97 million. The newly revitalized port offers space for more boats, places for refueling, pumping out wastewater, and a service center. The opening was attended by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES), who ceremoniously opened construction last January. The PM says there are plans to invest almost CZK 2 billion into further expansion of the 53.8 km canal which leads through the Morava riverbed and from Otrokovice in the Zlín region to Skalice in Slovakia. Established in the 1930s, the Baťa's canal attracts about 90,000 visitors a year. Originally it was used for freight transport of coal. ČTK

Toyen painting sold for CZK 36.48 million at Czech auction

The "Night Party (Fireworks)" by Czech surrealist artist Toyen sold for CZK 36.48 million, at an auction in Prague this weekend, the third-highest price paid for her work at auctions in the Czech Republic. The initial price for the painting was CZK 20 million crowns. Toyen (1902-1980), born Marie Čerminova, created "The Night Party" in 1929 at the peak of her artistic style called Artificialism, organizers said. Another oil painting by Toyen, "The Fair" from 1925, sold for CZK 30.24 million with a starting price of CZK 12 million. The artist painted it before she left for Paris where she became a part of the avant-garde community. A record-high was paid for Toyen' s painting "Circus" which sold for CZK 79.56 million last October. It is the second-highest price paid at a Czech art auction after "Divertimento II" by Kupka sold for CZK 90.24 million last year. ČTK

Summer temperatures headed to the Czech Republic this week

Following an extremely long period of below-average temperatures, clouds, and frequent precipitation, some long-awaited warm weather should finally come to the Czech Republic this week. Despite cold mornings during the first part of the week, highs will eventually begin to rise over 20 degrees from Wednesday, reaching summer temperatures over the weekend. The meteorological summer, which begins on Tuesday, June 1, could be the coldest in the last seven years. Afternoon highs will peak at 20°C, but temperatures should rise toward the end of the week and the weekend will bring summer temperatures up to 25°C by Friday. Storms, clouds, and showers could still take place throughout the week. ČTK

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