Czech meteorological office issues high-level storm warning across most of Czechia

Heavy storms and rainfall are expected in Prague on Wednesday evening and in the first part of Thursday. Staff ČTK

Written by StaffČTK Published on 16.08.2023 16:11:00 (updated on 16.08.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) issued a serious warning for severe storms throughout most of Czechia for Wednesday evening and until 2 a.m. on Thursday. The storms are anticipated to bring strong winds, and torrential rain – even hail – potentially causing a range of hazards across the country. 

The alert encompasses the entire country, except for specific regions in southern and central Moravia where the storms are projected to be somewhat milder. The potential for large hailstones, up to two centimeters in diameter, adds to the concern. These storms could also be accompanied by strong winds, prompting authorities to advise securing windows, doors, and loose objects to prevent damage.

Heat and rain expected

The ČHMÚ has also highlighted the potential for high temperatures exceeding 31 degrees Celsius, especially in eastern Bohemia, and has urged residents to take precautions to stay cool and hydrated. However, relief is expected as temperatures are predicted to slightly decrease on Thursday, bringing some respite from the scorching conditions.

The heaviest impact is expected to be from torrential rainfall, with the potential for around 50 millimeters to fall in a short period in cities across the country. In some cases, this rainfall may even exceed these levels, leading to flash floods, especially in areas already saturated by recent rainfall.

Parts of country already affected

Monday saw an early morning storm that hit parts of Náchod in Hradec Králové and surrounding areas, leading to fallen trees, flooding, and clogged culverts. Firefighters were active in responding to over 50 storm-related incidents in the area. The extent of the damage prompted a significant response, with water removal from flooded basements and the clearing of blocked culverts as the primary tasks.


A large storm and heavy rainfall that struck Karlovy Vary on Tuesday afternoon resulted in significant damage amounting to tens of millions of crowns. Efforts to address the aftermath are underway, involving the removal of fallen trees and mud from the streets. Particularly affected are Moravská and Vyšehradská streets in the center of the city, where substantial pavement loss occurred due to water damage. 

Karlovy Vary's deputy mayor, Tomáš Trtek, indicated plans to alter paving techniques in these steep streets to prevent future similar incidents.

In addition to the immediate impact on infrastructure and households, the storms have the potential to cause travel disruptions. Small streams may flood rapidly, and water could inundate subways, underpasses, and basements, in addition to causing roadways to become muddy and slippery.

In light of the impending severe weather, citizens are strongly advised to stay informed about the evolving situation through reliable sources and adhere to any official guidance and warnings.

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