It’s a scorcher: Temperatures in Czechia should stay tropical all week

Remember to stay hydrated and avoid strenuous work or exercise during the midday hours if possible.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 14.08.2023 10:29:00 (updated on 14.08.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

The highest afternoon temperatures on Monday will exceed 31 degrees Celsius in most areas of the Czech Republic. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute issued a temperature warning covering most of Czechia except for areas at higher elevations. Tropical weather with maximum temperatures of around 33 degrees C is expected to last until next week, according to the weather forecast. Showers and thunderstorms will appear in places.

High temperatures are a burden for the human organism because they increase the risk of overheating and dehydration. People should stay hydrated by drinking water or other unsweetened non-alcoholic beverages. Experts also recommend limiting physical activity in the midday and afternoon hours. People should not leave children or animals in direct sunlight, especially in parked cars. Read about your rights as an employee in a heatwave here and about ways to cool off in Prague here.

Heatwave to continue all week

The forecast for the week calls for continuing high temperatures and occasional rain. Tuesday should be clear to partly cloudy, while the west of the country will see increasing clouds and a chance of showers or thunderstorms. Night temperatures will be 16 to 20 degrees C, while daily temperatures will be 29 to 33 degrees C.

Wednesday will be similar, with showers or thunderstorms in places, especially in the afternoon. The highest daily temperatures on Wednesday will be 27 to 31 degrees C, and in the southeast and east up to 33 degrees C. Thursday and Friday will see a very slight drop, with the highest daily temperatures 26 to 30 degrees C, in the southeast up to 32 degrees C. Some isolated fog is possible in the mornings.

The weekend should be almost clear to partly clear, with occasional showers or thunderstorms and temporarily increased cloud cover. The highest daily temperatures will be 27 to 32 degrees C.

This weather is a sharp change from the beginning of August in the Czech Republic, which was the second coldest and wettest since 1991. The average temperature was 14.9 degrees C and an average of 72 millimeters of rain fell. The last time the air temperature was lower between Aug. 1 and 10 was 18 years ago, and more precipitation fell in the first decade of August in 2006.

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