Autumn Exhibitions in the Czech Republic

Galleries in Prague and Moravia feature the latest, from Intl. Biennale to Jan Švankmajer

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The autumn and winter months in the Czech Republic will see a number of fascinating exhibitions taking place. For the latest trends in graphic design, head to Brno. For the first time ever street art be will be presented on the official gallery grounds. Certainly, it will also appear in the streets of Prague. The collective exhibition of the leading Czech surrealist Jan Svankmajer resembles one long, wild dream. And last, but not least, Prague will play host to a truly unique project until the end of the year – an exhibition which you won´t be able to see.
The Moravian capital of Brno has been hosting the International Biennial of Graphic Design since June this year. It is the oldest exhibition of graphic design in the world. The Moravian Gallery in Brno stages six exhibitions which take place in three different buildings across the city. The Biennial offers so much more than you can traditionally imagine in terms of graphic design. Among the highlights will be the international competition show and there is a wonderful range of smaller accompanying exhibitions. The Work from California exhibition will give visitors a taste of the Californian lifestyle. An exhibition entitled “Two or three things I know about Provo” will absorb people in the radical atmosphere of the 1960s´ in the Netherlands. The International Biennial of Graphic Design runs until October 28, 2012.

Autumn Exhibitions in the Czech Republic

The functionalist-style city of Zlin, inseparably connected with the renowned Bata shoe works, stages the Zlín Youth Salon until the end of September. The event is held every three years and showcases the works of Czech and Slovak visual artists aged under 30. This year´s exhibition has been inspired by the significant cultural activities taking place in Zlin in the 1930´s and 1940´s. The exhibitions of contemporary and young art were initiated by Jan Antonin Bata himself who was a great supporter of culture and art.

Autumn Exhibitions in the Czech Republic

The first ever street art exhibition to enter the premises of an official gallery “Stuck on the City” is being organised by the City Gallery of Prague in the Municipal Library building. The international exhibition will introduce different streams of street art. There will be photographs, films and various installations in the gallery but numerous examples of street art will also be noticeable in the streets of the Czech capital itself. To maintain the passing nature of street art, the various works of art which will come to life inside the gallery will also cease to exist there. There will be a unique opportunity to see various artists in action on the streets of Prague or to receive a guided tour of Prague´s most prominent graffiti locations by the artists themselves. A special competition will be introduced in October to which everyone is invited to take part to use photography to capture stories on a given theme. The exhibition will take place from October 10, 2012 until January 13, 2013.

The City Gallery of Prague is currently staging an exhibition of the renowned Czech surrealist Jan Svankmajer at the “Dům u Kamenného zvonu” in the Old Town Square. Svankmajer´s films inspired directors such as Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam. The exhibition lets visitors take a peek into Svankmajer´s surrealist world. Apart from films the exhibition will also showcase other works of the author such as sketches, collages, frottages and artistic objects. The exhibition will be open from October 26, 2012 until February 3, 2013.

Autumn Exhibitions in the Czech Republic


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The New Town Hall in Prague will host a unique exhibition until the end of the year which visitors will not be able to see but can experience by employing their other senses. You will be guided by blind people through the Invisible Exhibition and experience what it is like to live in a world of darkness. The blindness might open your eyes. The tours are available in five languages and visitors should register on the event´s website.

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