Activists Attempt to Paint David Černý’s Pink Tank Green

The famous Soviet tank installation almost got a new paint job this weekend in Brno

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 22.05.2017 10:32:38 (updated on 22.05.2017) Reading time: 1 minute

Czech artist David Černý’s iconcic pink tank was given the beginnings of a controversial new paint job on Saturday in Brno.

According to reports from Týdeník Policie, members of the Brno Military Club attempted to return the tank to its original color, saying “the tank is a symbol of liberation from fascism that the non-artist Černý desecrated.”

Černý gave the Soviet tank its rosy hue in 1991 and was later arrested for civil disobedience.

Once club members began to paint the tank, they were apprehended by the police and taken in for questioning.

According to a police spokesman, the tank suffered no significant damage; the paint has already been removed by the museum.

Last year on the 25th anniversary of the pink tank the artist told the Czech media:


“The end of the Bolsheviks was alleged then…we really thought it was over, and as you can see, [it’s] not finished.

The tank was recently installed by the Moravian Gallery in Brno in Komensky Square as part of the Tribes 90 Exhibition.

This is the third in a chain of events that have taken place surrounding the tank since its arrival in Brno: Another protest group recently tried to cover up the tank with canvas; in another incident, a young man attempted to straddle the tank for a selfie.

It didn’t end well.

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