7 reasons to rediscover historic Prague shopping passage Slovanský dům

Set in the heart of one of the busiest streets in Prague, the passage is an oasis of peace and quiet, a space that combines the past and the present.

Diana Bocco

Written by Diana Bocco Published on 30.08.2022 16:02:00 (updated on 16.05.2023) Reading time: 4 minutes

Located in the heart of Prague, the Slovanský dům shopping passage forms part of a unique imaginary triangle connecting three Prague squares: Václavské, Staroměstské, and Republiky. Set in the heart of one of the busiest streets in Prague, the passage is an oasis of peace and quiet, a space that combines the past and the present into one historical place. 

The history of Slovanský dům goes back hundreds of years. From cheese being produced here during the 14th century to the building serving as armor storage to Jan Žižka lying down to sleep here, this is a building with quite some history. Over the years, the building has been owned by knights, noble lords, and even artisans. 

The facade preserved to this day dates back to 1797, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the passage started developing into a popular destination. After World War Two, the building served as a social meeting point with a restaurant, parties, balls, dance lessons, and conferences.

With a mix of stylish international restaurants and shops selling clothing and accessories by prestigious brands, as well as a Neo-Baroque garden, now is the perfect time to revisit this revitalized historic space.

Here are seven reasons why you should stop by Slovanský dům

The garden makes for a perfect green escape  

It’s easy to miss this hidden garden if you’re just going about your day in Prague. But find your way to it in the heart of the passage and the hustle and bustle of the big city will melt away. Walk under the cooling shade of the hundred-year-old sycamore trees, or grab some ice cream and find a quiet bench to enjoy it.  

You’ll be surrounded by art too – the “Subtle” installation by Czech-Argentinian artist Federico Díaz, made up of hundreds of tiny silver discs reflecting and absorbing the surroundings of the garden, will keep you company. Visit in winter and you’ll be enveloped by magical Christmas lights and heated see-through igloos where you can enjoy some mulled wine. 

International cuisine is at its finest here  

You’ll find international restaurants serving all kinds of food here – from Brazilian to Italian to Szechuan food, plus the newly open vegetarian/vegan Dhaba Beas. 

Restaurant and cocktail bar The Crystal Gardens has both indoor and outdoor seating, making it a popular brunch destination in the area. There’s also a wine bar with an ample selection of international wines, and in summer you can grab some ice cream from the very popular Puro Gelato.   

You can pamper yourself 

There’s premium office space and apartments with a unique view here, but Slovanský dům is also home to a dental surgery and the well-established Delor tailor, which focuses on suits and shirts for men.

Need some pampering after lunch? Visit the hairdressing salon Frank Provost, or stop by the massage center Sabai.

There are plenty of shopping options 

The biggest Nike shop in central Europe is located here, and so is the first American Vintage shop in the Czech Republic that just opened its doors this past May. A flagship Prague Chocolate shop is another brand new addition to the space.

Clothing and accessories by prestigious brands (Weekend MaxMara, Nike, Wolford, Baldinini, and many more) are also available.  

You can catch an English-friendly movie at the Multiplex

The only multiplex in Prague with ten screens located within a historical center, the Slovanský dům cinema is a great place to catch a movie right in the center of the city. Easily accessible to Expats living in the center as well as tourists staying in Prague 1 and 2, the multiplex offers not only movies in English but also foreign films with English subtitles. 

Plus, there’s just no comparison between watching a movie at a major cinema chain vs the Art Deco-style Empire Hall that holds the multiplex at the Slovanský dům.

You can also host your special event there 

The current Baroque-Art Nouveau building – which includes three administrative buildings added at the turn of the millennium at a cost of more than a billion crowns – has a number of social halls and a gallery. 

These can be used for gala dinners and events, including Christmas dinners, and can hold up to 900 people. Companies looking for an interesting venue won’t be disappointed with the unique setting offered. 

In fact, the film premiere for the most expensive Czech film ever made, "Jan Žižka (Medieval)," starring top international talents Michael Caine and Ben Foster, will be held at Slovanský dům in early September.

You can literally spend an entire day at Slovanský dům 

With great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a green space for a walk and to catch some sun, and a movie theater to keep you entertained, you can easily spend hours here without running out of things to do. 

For some bonus fun, it’s also possible to head underground to explore the service tunnels that run under Slovanský dům and below the historical center of Prague, and lead directly to the shopping arcade.

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