Native English Blockchain Copywriter Needed

GoViral Digital
Contract work (IČO)  •   Prague
Seniority: Mid level  •  Education: Bachelor

GoViral Digital ( has been working with a large consortium for EU healthcare to bring 8 blockchain uses to the public. Due to this success, we are currently launching and are looking for people to join our team.


  • Copywriting: Do you love to write? Good because you’ll be making English copy for social media, blogs, emails, video scripts and websites

  • Marketing: while you are not expected to be a marketing expert, you should have some understanding and education in digital marketing and social media

  • Software Skills: you should be technically savvy enough to navigate excel and PowerPoint like a pro and be excited to learn new software

  • Personality: In order to be an official GoViral catbird, you’ve got to be positive, open-minded, and enthusiastic. We love our work and expect you do too!

  • Social Media: Have you been accused of being obsessed, addicted, or in love with your social media? Then we are the enablers for you.

If you are interested, please send your CV as well as a cover letter explaining why you'd like to join and examples of your work.

Meet GoViral Digital
GoViral was launched in 2011 by Belinda Filippelli, an MBA graduate with 20+ years of marketing experience in 5 countries across three continents.
We are a team of creative, enthusiastic, social media marketing professionals who practice Performance-Based Brand Love Marketing and excel in strategy services and consultancy.

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