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About BlueLink

BlueLink is an international expert group in customer relations. As a strategic partner, it offers brands tailor-made contact center solutions and supports them in their customer experience and digital transformation process. With a center of consultants and trainers, the group strives to develop the talents and expertise of the customer relations teams by cultivating their know-how and interpersonal skills.

BlueLink was created 30 years ago by Air France to manage its loyalty program. In an entrepreneurial spirit and faithful to its DNA of excellence, the group has extended its expertise to all areas of customer relations, serving other prestigious brands, such as, Clarins, Devialet, American Express, La Louis Vuitton Foundation, and Transavia.

Present on all continents, BlueLink relies on its 2,000 passionate talents around the world to give substance to its raison d'être: to overcome distances to create links between cultures.

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