Wellbeing - The Art of Living

Wellbeing - The Art of Living

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Our company Wellbeing – The Art of Living, is focused on exploring and applying wellbeing in practical life through raising awareness to what wellbeing and the key areas of life are. Contrary to what many people believe, wellbeing is not just about being happy. Nor is it only about being healthy. And it is certainly not limited to physical health and wellness. In fact, focusing on any of these areas in isolation could drive us to feelings of frustration and even failure.

What wellbeing is? The HARMONY of five key pillars of our life:

PURPOSE - our love for what we do each day,

SOCIAL - the quality of our relationships,

FINANCES - the security of our finances,

COMMUNITY - our contributions to communities we live in and

HEALTH - the vibrancy of our physical health.

Thanks to our OUR UNIQUE DIAGNOSTIC TOOL “My Personal Wellbeing” you (as well as teams and organizations) may become aware of your baseline level of wellbeing. By measuring it, you will understand the area to focus on and what habits and routines you need to adopt or change on the path to a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Most of us wind up making choices that undermine our wellbeing. It has been said that THE BIGGEST THREAT to our wellbeing tends TO BE OURSELVES.

Good news is we can change it, since THESE FIVE PILLARS ARE WITHIN OUR CONTROL, WE HAVE ABILITY TO IMPROVE any of them. There is no single recipe for wellbeing; it looks different for each of us. It just takes some informed practice to figure out what works best for you.

We would be privileged to guide you on your way to live up to your potential and to become fully engaged in your life!

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Really great support!

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 11.10.2020
Jarmila Brixova has been supporting me in my life in solving personal and work topics to increase my wellbeing for several years. She's the best coach I've ever known. Her way of working is very structured, organized and time-saving. In a non-violent way, she leads a person to find the best solution to resolve the problem in context of overall wellbeing.. She uses very interesting tools during coaching sessions. I can highly recommend... read more

Excellent coach in a good time and a great support for a challenging life period

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 06.10.2020
I would like to recommend cooperation with Jarmila Brixova very much. She is a great life coach with a deep knowledge of human resources and companies ´other processes. She knows to combine a practical - advice attitude with a supportive human touch when this is necessary. Her deep respect for others and understanding for their needs is incredible!

Wellbeing made our company a better work place

Reviewed by Pavel Hnilička Architekti 30.09.2020
We have contacted Jarmila Brixová at a time when our architectural firm was growing and we needed to set up internal processes of management and mutual communication. Because we are a creative studio, the quality of cooperation in a wider team is absolutely essential for us. Jarmila Brixová aptly helped us to decipher the basic competencies, to adjust the methods of working in groups and the way of assigning tasks. This all being done in a... read more

Excellent coaching

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 10.08.2020
I thank Stanka very much for the incredible journey we had together. It was great to discover new way to solve problems and raise self-esteem. I do appreciate Stanka’s practical approach to problem solving with dedicated exercise that I was able to convey in daily situation. It was really a pleasure to work with her.


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