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Prague Film School filmmaking and screen acting programs provide foundation training and specialization studies in the areas of screenwriting, directing cinematography, post-production and film acting. Combing lectures and practical work in the classroom with an intensive production load outside of class, Prague Film School inculcates the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to make quality films.

Programs offered: Two-Year, Year, Semester and Summer

Acting for Film (see below)

What makes Prague Film School flimmaking program special?

One would be hard-pressed to find a program that provides as much practical exposure to filmmaking. More than 400 films are shot per year at Prague Film School: each student in the year program can produce 4-5 films of his/her own and participates on as many as 30 other productions. The operating principle of Prague Film School is training, and we believe as with instruments or with languages, the only way to develop fluency is to practice.

High-end facilities
Prague Film School is well-stocked with the latest cutting-edge equipment used in professional film productions throughout the world. Students have immediate access to the school's fleet of cameras, including RED, Arri, Blackmagic, Canon and Sony high-definition cameras, in addition to high-end lighting, sound and grip. The equipment can also be checked-out for personal work / projects.

The type of student who chooses Prague Film School comes to us because he or she has essentially only one year in terms of time or financial resources to cross from where he or she is in life at the moment into the world of professional filmmaking. We then have only one year to bring these students to a level of competence where they can operate professionally. As such the program is highly squeezed, with up to 10 hours of classes daily, and weekend practical activities.

Faculty-student relations
Core faculty are brought in from around the world. While all teachers are accomplished professional filmmakers, their primary purpose in Prague is to teach students at Prague Film School. The dynamics are then what you find at exclusive boarding schools and small colleges in the U.S., where the teachers are highly devoted to their students and accessible. Faculty also embody the school’s ideology of integrating European art house with American independent cinemas.

Diversity of student body
In a student body of 100 students, 30-35 countries are represented. Nearly every other student is from a different part of the world, but there’s a sub-cultural glue binding them together. Students live and breathe film together.

Most students at our school have completed undergraduate studies and see their time at film school as a cherished chance to wed their deep interests with a vocation. As such, the administration treats all students as responsible adults and trusts students to take full responsibility for their studies. The school does not interfere with students’ artistic choices.

What does the program offer?
A total immersion program in filmmaking in one of the best film schools in Europe
Practical Industry-level training - over 400 short films are shot at the school annually
Top-tier international teachers and Oscar-nominated film professionals in the classroom and on set
Opportunity to live and breath filmmaking with like-minded artists from all over the world
Guaranteed acquisition of technical skills in all core areas of filmmaking
The best gear in the Industry
Material for a show reel compiled from up to 30 short films, commercials and music videos from 1 minute to 30 minutes in length

The Prague Film School Acting for Film Program offers an intensive, conservatory style curriculum instructing both the art and the craft of acting for the camera. While the vast majority of acting courses world-wide train students for theater, it’s actually screen acting that offers the bulk of career opportunities. It’s also screen acting that allows actors to engage with the largest audiences, across time and geography.

What makes the PFS Acting for Film Program so special?

Focus on Film Acting
While acting courses can be found virtually everywhere, very few offer a live-and-breathe total immersion experience aimed at re-calibrating one‘s performance for the screen. Film acting requires a different set of skills than theater acting – and Prague Film School guarantees the acquisition of these skills.

Production-Work Heavy
More than 400 films are shot per year at Prague Film School and actors in the year program participate on as many as 30 productions. Acting for Film students then learn the specific skills that make up the craft of film acting but also leave the program with substantial material for a quality show reel. Actors are also trained in production – writing, operating the camera and editing.

Students are placed in front of the camera from day one of the course and receive rigorous training in class and on set. Monologue and scene-work daily develop students' ability to hone their performances for the camera – both habituating students to the specifics related to acting for various shot sizes and blocking arrangements but also developing their skills to be able to deliver believable and compelling performances.

Prague and access to roles in big-budget Hollywood productions
Not only is Prague a beautiful historic location with an active student life, but hundreds of international productions have been shot in the city including Bourne Identity, Casino Royale, Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Carnival Row, and Jojo Rabbit, to name a few. Prague Film School provides access to the top local casting agencies and directors and several students from the Prague Film School Acting for Film program annually land roles in big budget productions coming to town.

Students in the course come from all over the world. This both enriches the course with a diverse palette of acting traditions and also provides students an invaluable network of international contacts to access upon graduating.

What does the program offer?
A total immersion in film acting
Daily hands-on work in front of the camera
A serious, international and professional learning environment
An intensive curriculum that encompasses all aspects of acting
Material for a professional show reel
Acting work in a number of short films
Access to local casting directors, agents and small to big budget film productions
The opportunity to write your own film and star in it

How will the program help actors get into the industry?
The department will provide:

Valuable contacts to a network of filmmakers including classmates and faculty at Prague Film School
Career guidance
Effective courses in on-camera casting technique and actor marketing
Direct links to film productions in Prague
Material for a quality show reel and the ability to edit it one’s self
Most importantly, skills

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