Spinezio Fyzioterapie

Spinezio Fyzioterapie

Sokolovská 444/118, Praha 8, 18600 Now open - closes at 19:00

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In SPINEZIO, our experienced therapists can quickly help you with various painful conditions and focus on long-lasting prevention. We specialize in ambulatory physiotherapy of children, adults and active people and also provide occupational therapy, feeding therapy for children and massage services for both babies and adults. We also cooperate with several sports clubs providing physiotherapy services that focus on injury prevention and performance improvement in sport.

Additionally we provide ergonomic consultations and physiotherapy in businesses including seminars and workshops on stress and its relation to the body, pain and their solutions.

We can help you with:
- Muscle and joint pain (back, shoulder, knee etc.)
- Release muscle spasms and tension
- After injury or post-surgical rehabilitation
- Injury prevention for active people
- Screening of the psychomotor development in children and babies (from 6 weeks of age)
- Massage services for adults and babies
- Occupational therapy for adults and kids, and feeding therapy

For more information, please refer to our website or follow us on our social media.

For reservations, please contact us or reserve online directly via our website’s reservation system.

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