Sokolovna Průhonice
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Treat yourself to exercise in the cutting-edge fitness center complete with equipment and services that you won’t find anywhere else. We are here to meet your every wish and we’ve prepared several membership options for children, teenagers, and adults alike.
Do you have special requirements and need a custom membership plan? No problem. Choose from several variations and find the one that best meets your needs. For example, now you can purchase a membership only for the fitness center, the group classes, or for all the services on offer at Sokolovna Průhonice. Families with children are sure to value the family membership plan or a membership for teenagers aged 15-18 years. All membership levels include use of the wellness zone, towel service, and bottled water in the fitness center.

The flagship of the Sokolovna Průhonice membership options is the VIP membership plan, which, with its complexity and services, is unmatched in Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic for that matter: unlimited access to the fitness center and all the group classes, monthly personal trainer sessions, entry stress test at IKEM, ten hours monthly of tennis or badminton, an invitation to the Club for one for of Sokolovna Průhonice’s prestigious social events, free guest pass, discounts on refreshments at Kafe Restaurant and the services of the La Prairie salon, WiFi throughout the premises, Kids’ Corner, and a 25% discount on personal trainer services beyond the scope of the membership plan.

In order to feel good and maintain lasting vigor, you need to pay your body due attention. At Sokolovna we are prepared at all times to provide you with the best possible care for your entire body. Under the supervision of the personal trainer you can improve your state of health, improve overall muscles tone, and develop your physical abilities.
Come meet our team of qualified fitness trainers and have a look around the professional facilities of our cardio zone and fitness centre equipped with Technogym brand name exercise machines.

We view regular fitness training under the guidance of a personal trainer as physical and mental preparation for your favorite sports activity.

We regard regular exercise to be an inseparable element of a healthy lifestyle. Put your faith in our team of experts, whose number one goal is to improve your health and physical condition and bring you a truly fantastic sense of accomplishment.

Because we want everyone to have an opportunity to get to know Sokolovna, we have decided to open all our group classes to the general public. All you have to do is purchase 10 visits to be used at your desire for any of the classes listed in the schedule. You needn't be a member in order to exercise under the guidance of our excellent instructors.

Inside the large hall at Sokolovna, you’ll find a badminton court as well. Reservations may be made at the Sokolovna Front Desk.

Enjoy your favorite sports activities outdoors as well. The multipurpose court at Sokolovna is open to all Průhonice residents and visitors who enjoy playing tennis, football, basketball, or volleyball. We recommend you book your time in advance online, or in person at the Sokolovna Front Desk.


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Now it’s your turn; your hands say a lot about you

Modeling of artificial nails is the easiest and least time-consuming way to keep your hands nicely decorated and painted at all times. At Sokolovna, we offer classic sculpting of gel nails as well as French sculpting and strengthening of your natural nails with gel. In addition to beautifying the fingernails, the toenails also lend themselves nicely to the same treatment, and take our word for it – it looks great, especially in the summer months with sandals on.

The LORMA Lifestyle HAIR STUDIO offers hair-care services for women, men, and children at the highest level of quality. Our experienced stylists are regularly trained in Paris at the academy Franck Provost and work with the world-class French hair cosmetics of L´Oréal Professionnel and Kérastase Paris, as well as with the hair care aids of the renowned brand Biolonic. Our clients are assured the utmost in comfort thanks to the exclusive Italian furnishings by Green First Maletti and the overall feng-shui styling. The hair rituals by Kérastase are made all the more pleasant thanks to the comfortable massage cot, while the hair itself is treated to revitalization with unique water mineralized and filtered with silver. The services of the studio also include specialized items, such as a special technique for giving hair a diamond shine, or French hair coloring techniques, such as the gentle balayage treatment or the exclusive colored hair-shading technique tie&dye, hair rejuvenation a la botox, straightening of wavy hair with Amazon Secret, formal and wedding styles, and much more.


The Kid’s Clubroom is a cozy place and really is the heart of Sokolovna Průhonice. Here, your little ones can draw, play games together, watch a cartoon or two or maybe a film, or engage in one of the games on hand designed to develop strategic thinking and creativity. With the guidance of our top-notch instructors, your children will get the best supervision available. Kids’ Club is intended to be used during visits to Sokolovna by our members, Body Wellness Salon clients, and patrons of Kafe Restaurant. Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and at the weekends from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., we open the gates to our leisure-time club for your youngest tykes. We have a colorful program waiting for them filled with sports and arts and crafts activities.

Children of Sokolovna members and those of visitors to the restaurant may take advantage of the outdoor playground area complete with tree houses, a trampoline, pyramid, slides, and jungle gyms, all of which is in clear view from the comfortable restaurant terrace.

Beginning in January, we have a new series of classes getting underway for children to develop their arts and crafts creativity as well as their physical abilities. The dance classes have been especially popular, along with a wide variety of classes devoted to sports, among which is the new - Jumping Trampoline and Acrobatics.


Every parent knows that organizing a truly great birthday party for their child is not so easy – refreshment for picky tastes, birthday cake, decorations, a fun program, presents. In the rush, you might hardly notice how happy your little one was and how much he or she enjoyed the birthday party. And it’s precisely this time spent together that is so precious to you!

Entrust the preparation and organization of your party to Sokolovna Průhonice's top team of cooks, animators, and organizers and enjoy a party day that you and your child will remember for a long time to come. How about a special kid’s banquet complete with numerous activities of your choice: sports games, drawing, ceramics, mini disco, face painting, a magician, and more. The party can be organized inside the gym or outside, where there is a large multipurpose court available to the children.

Birthday cakes from the Sokolovna Průhonice confectionery are works of art. Our young guests will also get to indulge in the tasty treats prepared by our chefs.

• During winter, we organize parties in the large hall. You can watch your kids during all the activities and fully enjoy the party at the same time.
• During summer, we take the party outdoors to the multipurpose court. Here too, you can watch your kids during all the activities and fully enjoy the party at the same time.

• Sports program (obstacle course, team competitions, popular children’s games)
• Ball games (football, basketball, dodge ball, etc.)
• Mini Disco (mini discotheque for children in the large hall with special lighting effects)
• Thematic team activities (pirate treasure hunt, Indian path – these programs can be organized during the summer period only)

• Ceramics
• Arts and Crafts
• Drawing

• Face painting
• Projection of fairy tales and educational programs in the large hall
• Races on the biggest car racetrack in the Czech Republic (rent from approx. CZK 10,000)

• We’ll put together a children's buffet according to your requirements, or you can take inspiration in our selection of buffet items, such as banquet chicken cutlets, mini hamburgers, crispy fries, fresh fruit dipped in chocolate, “live-cooking” pancakes, and much more. Prices begin at 250 CZK per child.
• Refreshments for the adults will be prepared per your wish, or you can choose from several options, such as finger foods, platters, mini desserts, and many others.

Our pastry cooks will create and decorate the perfect cake based on your ideas. Cakes with popular children’s figures, such as Shaun the Sheep, Little Mole, or McQueen the Car, are very popular. We can also prepare cakes with an edible photograph; your fantasy is the only limit. We make cakes in your favorite flavors – butter crème with sponge cake, chocolate cake, light butter crème with strawberries, and many others. Not sure what the cake for your child should look like? Leave it up to us! There is no challenge too great for our master pastry cooks.


After a productive workout, you’ll surely appreciate nutritious meals prepared from the finest of ingredients: lean meats, domestic and salt-water fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. All this together represents the vivid palette of flavors and aromas that even the most demanding of gourmands are sure to enjoy. Whether you join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll always be greeted with a professional approach and delicacies of the highest quality.

The luxurious designer spaces are as if crafted especially for business meetings or a romantic dinner for two. The menu, composed under the leadership of our proclaimed executive chef, offers masterful dishes of Czech and international cuisine. Connoisseurs are sure to appreciate the extensive selection of fine wines. This is an ideal place for company parties, banquets, and family celebrations.

The menu is built upon healthy recipes and technologies and features primarily vegetarian dishes, lean meats, and fish accented with fresh herbs. Apart from the traditional selection of beverages, you will also find fruit juices and juices squeezed from fresh organic fruit. There is an extensive selection of fine wines to choose from to enjoy with friends or during a romantic dinner for two.

He became interested in cooking at the age of twelve. Upon completion of school, he began gaining experience at the hotel International in Prague Dejvice. “Collective work, a large kettle, a sense of responsibility, and the renown chefs of previous generations – those were my first encounters and big schooling in the field,” recalls Ladislav, whose subsequent steps led him to the restaurant Flambé, where he met the well known chef Jan Pýcha, from whom he would learn much.

His favorite food is fish, but he has nothing against quality beef, from which he is capable of preparing true culinary miracles. Here he offers us some insight into his cuisine: “I put a lot of emphasis on the preparation technique and the refinement of the dish. The age of the sloppily roasted steak is history. A bit of peeled beef shoulder, upper roast with inner fat, or roast brisket are the delicacies of the day.”
Come and try the first-class dishes being put together for you by Ladislav Douša beginning in January at the restaurant at Sokolovna Průhonice.

Are you looking for a representative space in which to invite business associates to dinner, or spend pleasant moments with loved ones? The luxurious designer restaurant KAFE Restaurant and KLUB Restaurant at Sokolovna Průhonice are the best places to hold family celebrations, corporate team building programs, or press conferences.

• Events, parties
• Birthday celebrations
• Teambuilding Events
• Cultural Events
• Press Conferences


Are you exacting when looking for a representative space to hold company events? Sokolovna Průhonice offers one-of-a-kind spaces with majestic ambience and flawless service. For years to come, your partners, colleagues, and employees will happily reminisce on the most exquisite and smoothly executed of events. We go above and beyond for your company.

• Lease of exclusive spaces
• Modern technical security systems
• Professional base
• Maximum comfort
• Sports and relaxation
• Culinary
• Animation
• Business meetings, supervisory board meetings
• Workshops and seminars
• Press conferences and manager retreats
• Corporate lunches and gala evenings
• Team building activities and other corporate events


• Capacity: up to 20 persons
• WiFi
• Presentations on LCD television, flip charts, DVD, TV, SAT, video conference
• Fully air-conditioned
• Separate restroom facilities
• Culinary service provided directly in meeting room or at the adjacent Klub Restaurant with terrace overlooking Průhonice

• Capacity: up to 250 persons
• WiFi
• Stage
• Theater lighting, spot lights
• Data projector + screen, custom audio system with audio/video production
• Flip charts, DVD, TV, SAT
• Natural light
• Wheelchair accessible

• Capacity: up to 150 persons
• WiFi
• Present on 2x LCD TV, flip charts, DVD, TV, SAT
• Custom audio projection
• Fully air-conditioned
• Separate restroom facilities, separate cloakroom
• Use of outdoor terrace
• Natural light
• Show kitchen cooking

We help companies care for their employees’ health. Regular exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer is the physical and psychological preparation for top career performance. Share this opportunity with your employees and offer them an activity-packed visit to Sokolovna Průhonice.

• Individual approach
• Private spaces
• Comprehensive employee care
• Company sports days

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