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A Czech family firm got the idea to make globally unique flowers of silver and gold four years ago when they lived in a beautiful historic homestead, surrounded with a wonderful garden. Sized anywhere from 9 to 16 cm, the delicate jewellery flowers look just like real ones. They can be bundled into bouquets or given in person like fresh-cut flowers. Customers can buy a single silver flower, compose their own bouquet of several species, mix silver and golden flowers, or order a large golden bouquet for significant occasions.

GIYOU flowers are original in design and handmade of 925/1000 sterling silver, 585/1000 gold, or gold of higher fineness. They are a design and craft gem.

The jewellery flowers combine the concept of flowers and jewellery into a work of art. They’re meant to decorate people’s homes, be put into vases, included into wedding bouquets, used instead of an engagement ring, and most importantly given, for common and extraordinary occasions. They can also be collected and over time turned into family generation bouquets.

In April 2023, the firm created a unique golden bouquet of 118 flowers, made of pure gold. The order was placed by a Czech customer looking for an exceptional home decoration. According to available information, it’s likely the most valuable golden bouquet created in the modern world.

The company has been selling flowers for half a year through e-shop all over the world. It is possible to visit their showroom outside Prague. And from July 2023, the first brick-and-mortar store on the Jungmann Square.

The Jungmann Square has a particular genius loci. It’s one of the more intimate locations in downtown Prague close to the Old Town Square (500 m) and the Wenceslas Square (30 m). GIYOU GARDEN is open 7 days a week, including public holidays, from 10:30 am to 19:00 pm. It's definitely worth a look at the store.

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