Smiling Baby School s.r.o.

Smiling Baby School s.r.o.

Čechova 587/29, Praha 7, 17000

4.3 Reviewed by 6 users
Every Child Is Gifted!

We discover children's natural talents and help them to achieve everything they are capable of. The daily program inspires children to explore the world around them, gain experience and establish new relationships with their environment. A perfect balance between instruction and game playing is what you will discover at our facility. Preschool is the first stop on your child’s path to education. Our classrooms are well equipped with the appropriate tools and stimulating toys.
Smiling Baby School encourages a highly productive partnership between teachers, parents and instruction principles. As our partner, you will have numerous opportunities to communicate with us and learn about the educational process and the progress your child is making. We follow a custom designed unique instruction program based on the Framework Educational Program applied at preschool facilities in the Czech Republic, focused on the development of intellectual skills in preschool children.
The nursery school has introduced safety measures to ensure comfort and ease of mind for you and your child. We are here for your child.

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Just optimal kintergaarten

Reviewed by user 18.11.2022
Both my kids have been attending Smiling baby school from their age of 1,5. I like the way they do activities, lot of physical space for kids and groups much smaller than in public kintergaartens.

What's more than smiling baby making everyday progress?

Reviewed by Nikol.Tosovska 25.05.2015
Like every parent considering putting his very young child to a nursery I was also worried how we handle it. However, SBS's nursery teachers (like all other employees) are professionals who exactly know how to work with a newcoming baby and include him into a group. They are very helpful and friendly and they give parents sufficient support and advice needed. I very appreciate their effort and work in developing baby's skills and abilities on... read more

The best investment in the future of my two children

Reviewed by Leyla.Ibadova 13.05.2015
I can talk about Smiling Baby School all day long and it will never be enough to express all what we feel about it. It’s a wonderful, loving and creative place, which surrounded by caring atmosphere. My son is in this kindergarten almost 3 years from the opening day, he graduates this year and starting school from September fully educated and very well prepared for the school by his wonderful teachers from the kindergarten. We are from the... read more

A great school for our 2 to 3 year old..

Reviewed by Howard Lotker 11.05.2015
Our daughter is going to the school now and she really enjoys it, loves going (almost) every day.. The school is in a beautiful historical villa right next to Stromoka park, so the kids have a great atmosphere to be in inside and out. When our daughter was making the transition into the next age / class level, the school director made it a point to check in on her every day to see how she was adjusting. Whenever we have had behaviour issues... read more

Truly holistic approach to leaning

Reviewed by coco 02.02.2015
Smiling Baby School is an amazing facility run by very caring staff. They encourage children to reach their full potential through a variety of the latest techniques and using the most up to date learning materials. The school itself houses an indoor tropical garden, complete with small swimming pool for teaching infants, and a steam room. The range of subjects is really varied, from art and music, to simple science experiments. We’re very... read more


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