Nikita Sidorov, Personal finance consultant.

Nikita Sidorov, Personal finance consultant.

Sokolovska 88, Praha 9, 19000

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What do I do:As a finance consultant in OVB Allfinanz a.s. i provide full-range of financial services across Europe. I specialize on English- and Russian-speaking clients and got experience of my company - the biggest financial consultant in Europe - behind me. 
I offerConsulting in spheres:Mortgages
Personal finance management

How does it work?Very simple. 
1. Your tell me what you want (ex. to take a loan or mortgage).
2. I do analysis of the market (ex. search for the cheapest loan you can get with your level of income).
3. Present to you most suitable projects (or project) and consult you, helping you to make a right decision.
4. Service. I'm now your personal finance consultant and you can call me with any question you have.

How much does it cost?Fin. institutes (banks, insurance comp., etc.) pay me for this, so for client it is totally free.
Add me to skype, and you'll be able to get free consultations online!!!

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