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Our clients expect high quality consultancy services. We can provide them with a wide range of:
- investment
- insurance
- mortgage
- residential real estate
all tailor-made for their specific situation

Thanks to our experience and many connections in banking/insurance/investment companies, we're able to negotiate the best conditions possible on behalf of our clients. Most of our clients are successful, responsible and smart professionals who require the best and tailor-made services/advise available on the market, which we proudly provide them with. Our clients mostly contact us when they wish to explore the options of expanding their wealth, when they plan to invest their capital or when they are e.g. going to buy a house and look for the most favorable mortgage suitable for their financial situation. Our clients also profit from the complexity of our services, because our team consists of experienced professionals in the areas of finance, real estate, investment and taxes, which helps our clients to see the whole picture, not just one single part of their wealth.

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Absolutely Fantastic !!!

Reviewed by martin chard 06.06.2017
My wife and I needed to release some capital for our investments in the UK. Ondřej guided us through the process of remortgaging our house in Czech. I have worked with many professional financial advisors in the UK, however, Ondřej is completly on another level. I have contacted him on a Sunday evening and had an almost immediate reply, I have spoken to him on the phone and met him in person in Prague. He is an absolute asset the financial... read more

High quality cooperation

Reviewed by Jan Pánek 02.05.2016
Perfect cooperation. Ondřej knows the market as nobody I met before. His profesional attitude and complete knowledge of the financial world made me feel I finally found someone who knows what is doing. I can highly recomend his service. Also the location of his office is very pleasant. Right next to Mustek station (line B and A) in Jungmanova street. Keep going my friend.

Look no further - Ondrej is #1

Reviewed by Paul Knag 29.04.2015
Ondrej helped us obtain a mortgage to buy a home in the Czech Republic. I am self-employed with complicated financial scenario, no residency, all income reported only in United States. Ondrej did an amazing job, quickly got us a mortgage with 20% down and a great rate, was on top of everything, translated everything for me into English and made it 100% stress free.

Comprehensive service - first time mortgage without stress - couldn't be better!

Reviewed by Matt McLaughlin 28.03.2015
Ondrej was one of 5 brokers we approached and frankly he stands far out ahead of the crowd! Initially I was sceptical as he was attached to the building project but he secured for us the most comprehensive options at the best rates whilst coping with our difficult situation as foreigners. THe process of getting a mortgage and associated insurance scared the heck out of me but Ondrej managed to explain everything in simple terms and... read more

Perfect service - Mortgage and Re-fixation

Reviewed by mr.ivanov 25.10.2014
I met Ondrej 5 years ago when I was in a need for a mortgage. Few months ago he took care of the whole refinancing process since my fixation contract expired. I would gladly recommend Ondrej to anyone in a need for mortgage or any other more complex financial consulting services. Big thanks...