Massage Art
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I am a certified therapist with international experience.

My MASSAGE will bring you complex relaxation and rejuvenation for both your body and soul. I focus on holistic approach and overall caring integration of the massage. Natural part of the massage is a short before-and-after interview for indication and feedback of the massage.
That way this massage can be a deep, therapeutic and uplifting experience.

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Best masseuse!

Reviewed by user 22.11.2021
The time spent with Magdalena is special. She take care of you for the whole time assuring you feel safe and in good mood. She is highly professional and expert. Best masseuse I've ever had.


Reviewed by user 01.04.2021


Reviewed by Ethan Stein 21.07.2019
I have known Magdalena for many years now and she is without doubt a world class therapist. She is a rare and outstanding warm, friendly, affectionate and caring professional. I recommend Magdalena with alk my heart !

A true artist!

Reviewed by Paul Margulies 21.06.2019
Magdalena is one of the finest massage therapists I've ever been to. She's totally dedicated to your relaxation and soothing aching muscles. I will be seeing her again, many times. Absolute recommendation!


Reviewed by Michele Bonafede 19.06.2019
First class therapy from a proffessionnal woman. No problem recommending Magdalena.


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