Massage Art
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I am a certified therapist with international experience.

My MASSAGE will bring you complex relaxation and rejuvenation for both your body and soul. I focus on holistic approach and overall caring integration of the massage. Natural part of the massage is a short before-and-after interview for indication and feedback of the massage.
That way this massage can be a deep, therapeutic and uplifting experience.

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Reviewed by Willi Rös 27.02.2015
Technique combined with feeling and love plus clear frame. recommended without hesitation

Massage. As it should be.

Reviewed by andras.h 09.11.2012
Magdalena is a sparkling spirit, and her massage can make your day be brighter. Being an educated and smart woman besides being very talented in the massage techniques our conversation are always delight. Her accomplished massage skills help you relax and regenerate recharging your being completely. I cannot recommend her services enough.


Reviewed by bellarina 02.11.2012
Magdalena's massage is always a gift to the spirit. She has the ability to allow for complete relaxation. Her knowledge of anatomy and skillful bodywork techniques are informed by her own extensive yoga practices and international conferences. Because her English is accomplished, we are able to have interesting dialogues about other healing practices in the Czech Republic. I always look forward to my own massages with Magdalena and have... read more

Magdalena's Magic!

Reviewed by bellarina 29.10.2012
This is a beautiful woman who is strong and very wise. She intuitively knows what is needed to relax the body and yet is gentle with your spirit. I always left her studio in much better condition than when I entered both in body and in spirit.


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