Laser dermatology clinic ALTOS

Laser dermatology clinic ALTOS

Karlovo náměstí 2097/10, Praha 2, 12000 Now open - closes at 18:00

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The ALTOS Laser and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic welcomed its first patients in early February. It specializes in dermatological problems, corrective dermatology, non-invasive liposuction, body shaping, skin rejuvenation, and botulinum toxin and filler applications.

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The Clinic prides itself on the most advanced laser equipment from the Italian DEKA manufacturers. The team of Clinic experts has been trained by DEKA company’s top physicians in Florence. ALTOS Clinic is currently the only facility in the Czech Republic equipped with the latest model of the special high-tech vascular laser, called DEKA Synchro.
Our Clinic is equipped with the latest devices and specializes in Aesthetic Laser Dermatology. The years of experience and expertise of our team of doctors and qualified medical personnel guarantee services at the highest level – from the treatment of acne and pigmentation, removal of veins and neoplasms, correction of wrinkles and epilation, to plastic surgery and consultation in the area of nutrition,” commented Clinic owner, Zulfiya Yudintseva, at the opening of the facility. “We are here for you to highlight your natural beauty.”

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Rejuvenation without a scalpel

The innovative SmartXide2 DOT+RF laser system from DEKA company deploys unique technology using the effect of a CO2 laser and radio frequency
wave sources to remove all imperfections and changes connected with the aging process. SmartXide2 DOT+RF has an extraordinary impact on target tissues and intensively stimulates the formation of collagen. The advantages of this system are obvious. It is no longer necessary to use the transmission of individual pulses for all procedures, because a number of pulse modes have been developed for maximum efficiency, minimal
invasiveness and the best results.

Epilation and removal of pigment spots

The most powerful Alexandrite laser from DEKA company now aids in the battle against unwanted hair. It is the only laser in the world which has the immediate effect of “clean hair removal”. This type of laser is also effective in removing dark hairs from light skin. A modern built-in laser cooling system prevents the sensation of pain during the procedure and protects the skin from burns. For this reason, it can be stated that hair removal by this laser is completely painless. The Alexandrite laser is also used successfully in mole removal. Problems of vascular pathologies are solved with the maximum efficiency by the universal Neodymium laser which is part of the Synchro REPLAY platform. The newest laser system combines the latest and most efficient technology in one device: Alexandrite laser, Neodymium laser (Nd:YAG), IPL photoepilation, acne treatment and non-ablative skin rejuvenation.

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