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The Language House TEFL

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Become an English language teacher with our award-winning TEFL certification course. Read up on reviews of our course to learn why The Language House Prague is a great choice for your TEFL certificate.

The Language House TEFL (TLH TEFL) in Prague offers expert training for those wishing to live and work in Prague or abroad as an English teacher. Our TEFL school is the largest and most popular in the region. We have graduated nearly 3000 students from our course and we are happy to get you in contact with them for references.

Why are we the largest and most popular? The answer is easy. What makes this program special is the amount of teaching practice offered on the course - nearly twice the amount as most courses worldwide. More importantly, is our wonderful graduate community. We consider the teacher training as being only part of the TEFL certificate program. Our job assistance, network assistance and vibrant graduate community + support are what really makes us stand out. When you sign up for our month-long TEFL course, you enter into a community of staff and graduates who are dedicated to your success abroad. Want to teach in Prague? Done! Want to teach somewhere else? We will give you the assistance and the support necessary for you to be a successful language teacher anywhere in the world. Get in contact with us and we will give you a virtual tour of what makes our TEFL certification course so special.

We offer 10 courses a year. Contact us for details and special discounts.

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Fantastic course, in Old Town, huge alumni network.

Reviewed by Charlie Anderson 12.10.2015
I took the May 2014 TEFL course with The Language House, which is located in a wonderful spot in Prague, very close to Namesti Republiky, across from the Palladium. The location makes for a perfect way to explore the city during breaks, and the housing is likewise close to the school for very convenient commutes. Intensive TEFL Programs, from what I gather, are largely the same, but many Language House graduates have gone on to form their... read more

More than worth it

Reviewed by Domenic Molinaro 12.10.2015
Going to the Language House was one of the better life decisions I've made. I was interested in starting a life teaching English and TLH has helped me tremendously in my quest. They will get you accustomed to the ins and outs of TEFL and their vast and varied social network also makes it easy to get socialized and find work. These guys go above and beyond to make the jump to teaching English as a Foreign Language as smooth as possible.

Live "The Fantasy"

Reviewed by Meghan Case 12.10.2015
In September 2013, I moved to Prague and took The Language House's TEFL Certification course. This is one of the best things I've ever done and I urge anyone who has ever had even the slightest interest to sign up for TLH. You will not regret it. TLH runs an incredible program, from the training in the course, to the hands-on teaching practice, to helping with jobs, to the community it leaves you with. There are over 200 graduates of TLH... read more

A great decision!

Reviewed by Savannah Perez 12.10.2015
This course not only teaches you how to teach, but it helps you with living abroad! They help find you a job, a community to be apart of, housing, and so much more! I more than advice true travelers at heart to do this course in Prague!

TEFl at its best!

Reviewed by Caroline Corrigan 12.10.2015
If you're interested in taking a TEFL course and teaching in Prague, then I can't recommend The Language House enough. TLH's courses and instructors are competent, well-rounded, and provide you with all of the information and methodology training you need to become an effective ESL teacher. On top of that, TLH offers A LOT of actual teaching with real students, which is by far the most helpful part of the course as far as learning the material... read more


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