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The Language House TEFL

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Become an English language teacher with our award-winning TEFL certification course. Read up on reviews of our course to learn why The Language House Prague is a great choice for your TEFL certificate.

The Language House TEFL (TLH TEFL) in Prague offers expert training for those wishing to live and work in Prague or abroad as an English teacher. Our TEFL school is the largest and most popular in the region. We have graduated nearly 3000 students from our course and we are happy to get you in contact with them for references.

Why are we the largest and most popular? The answer is easy. What makes this program special is the amount of teaching practice offered on the course - nearly twice the amount as most courses worldwide. More importantly, is our wonderful graduate community. We consider the teacher training as being only part of the TEFL certificate program. Our job assistance, network assistance and vibrant graduate community + support are what really makes us stand out. When you sign up for our month-long TEFL course, you enter into a community of staff and graduates who are dedicated to your success abroad. Want to teach in Prague? Done! Want to teach somewhere else? We will give you the assistance and the support necessary for you to be a successful language teacher anywhere in the world. Get in contact with us and we will give you a virtual tour of what makes our TEFL certification course so special.

We offer 10 courses a year. Contact us for details and special discounts.

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TEFL Program

Reviewed by Meghan O'Neal 13.10.2015
Not only did TLH provide an excellent education, it continues to provide me endless resources as an alumnus in Prague. Before I arrived to Prague. The Language House set me up with housing for the duration of the course, including transportation from the airport to my apartment. During the course, the helpful teachers ensured that I was more than prepared to enter the world of teaching English, helping me to prepare my own lesson plans and... read more

If You're Looking to Get TEFL Certified, Look No Further

Reviewed by Meghan O'Neal 13.10.2015
When I decided to move overseas, I had no idea how to even begin the process. And then I found The Language House. Even before I enrolled, they proved to be an invaluable resource as I made my life-changing decisions. As an education program, TLH more than prepared me for the world of teaching English in all arenas--preschools, language schools, and private lessons. Beyond that, they assisted with housing, provided job assistance, and even as... read more

One of the Best Choices I've Made (Seriously)

Reviewed by Will Miller 12.10.2015
Three years ago, I took The Language House (TLH)'s one-month accreditation course to be an English teacher here in Prague. A lot of the awesomeness of the last three years is due to that decision. While I no longer teach (I work in marketing here), TLH's intensive course gave me the framework to be a decent teacher from the start. Also, the chance to do real hands-on lessons with actual students, with a trained observer giving guidance... read more

GREAT Experience

Reviewed by Nicole Adelman 12.10.2015
One of the best decisions and experiences of my life. I received an A+ stellar TEFL education under Chris Westergaard’s and his amazing staff’s tutelage. I started working right away with their assistance, I became grounded in a foreign culture and country without any big hiccups, and I continue to feel supported and integrated into the TEFL community that The Language House provides. I honestly can’t suggest this course and this school more... read more

The Language House

Reviewed by Dylan Hamilton 12.10.2015
Great program that really helps it's teachers-to-be become the best ESL teachers around! The staff and trainers at TLH really do care about giving honest and constructive feedback on lessons and teaching. By the time you are done with The Language House you will emerge from the program as an effective teacher well versed in methodology and creating a great teaching atmosphere for your students. Definitely a unique learning experience here in... read more


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