BASIS International School Prague

BASIS International School Prague

Podolská 448/54, Praha 4, 14700 Now closed - opens tomorrow at 08:00

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Our mission is to raise the standards of education for our students to the highest international levels, we combine time-tested and innovative practices from around the world to inspire students to love learning and to help them cultivate the knowledge and skills that lead to excellent outcomes. 

Our campus is located in Prague 4 (Podolí) and is intended for children in Grades 1–5 (age: 6–11). This school campus also offers a Transitional Kindergarten program (Grade 0) for younger children (age: 5–6) which focuses on the smooth transition and preparation for entering our primary school. The location of the school campus for children in Grades 6–13 (age: 12–19) is going to be decided in the near future. BASIS International School Prague is a seamless continuation of BASIS Beginners Prague, our multi-age international preschool serving our early learners (age: 3–5). BASIS Beginners Prague currently operates one location in Prague 6 (Břevnov) with a second campus planned to open in Prague 4 (Podolí), in the same building as is our BASIS International School program. This will allow parents with multiple students the convenience of one location for drop-off and pick-up. A shuttle bus between these two campuses is going to be provided for those families that prefer to drop-off or pick-up their child at Břevnov (Prague 6).

Our curriculum is unique, unites all our schools, and is offered to every student, ranging in age from three-year-old preschoolers to nighteen-year-old seniors in high school. We are part of a global network of exceptional schools that all use the same curriculum as their starting point. The network currently consists of over 40 schools around the world, with more campuses opening every year. Our institutions are listed among America’s best by any measure (school rankings, Advanced Placement and PISA/OECD testing, national merit Scholarships, college admissions and financial aid) because we treat the classroom as sacrosanct, and teach students to love learning.

Our teachers are smart, energetic people who care and enjoy passing along their knowledge, utilizing their energy, and sharing their passion for learning - they are experts in the subjects they teach and they have experience teaching abroad and hold at least a Bachelor's degree. They create a truly rich learning environment, which teaches children the joy of acquiring knowledge and develops in them the self-confidence to advocate for their own success. We have 2 teachers in every primary classroom, they divide their expertise. There is always a Learning Expert Teacher and a Subject Expert Teacher in our Primary classrooms (Grades 1–3).

Our primary language at our school is English. We accept students of all levels of English proficiency and work with them to build the skills necessary to be successful in our curriculum. Our Early Education Teachers are able to assist students in both English and Czech. Our Early Education Specialists, Learning Expert Teachers, and Subject Expert Teachers primarily only speak English. Our students also have the opportunity to study Czech as one of their foreign languages from the early years of our program through graduation. Our students complete their BASIS International School Prague course of study at the end of Grade 12. Our curriculum in Grade 13 focuses on preparing for the Czech graduation exam (Maturita) to enable our students to be competitive at domestic universities as well. Our administrative team is available to assist non-English-speaking parents.

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