BASIS International School Prague

BASIS International School Prague

Podolská 448/54, Praha 4, 14700 Now closed - opens

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We are the first European school that utilizes the world-famous BASIS charter school curriculum. The BASIS curriculum aims to develop children's natural curiosity so that they can analyze the world around them, think about how it really works, and not see it just as a computer game.

Our mission is to raise the standards of education for our students to the highest international levels. We combine time-tested and innovative practices from around the world to inspire students to love learning and to help them cultivate the knowledge and skills that lead to excellent outcomes.

Our campus is located in Prague 4 (Podolí) and is intended for children in Grades 1–5 (ages: 6–11). This school campus also offers a Transitional Kindergarten program (Grade 0) for younger children (ages: 5–6) which focuses on the smooth transition and preparation for entering our primary school. The location of the school campus for children in Grades 6–13 (ages: 12–19) is situated in the embassy neighborhood of Bubeneč in Prague 6. BASIS International School Prague is a seamless continuation of BASIS Beginners Prague, our international preschool serving our early learners (ages: 2–5).

BASIS International School Prague is part of the BASIS Curriculum School network, which raises the standards of education for preschool through 12th-grade students to the highest international levels. The network has inspired students to love learning for twenty years since our first school opened in the United States in 1998.

Our curriculum is unique and designed to utilize children's curiosity, energy, and ability to take it to the next level. Our curriculum spirals key concepts and skills beginning from preschool through high school - this allows our teachers to revisit and enrich previously discussed topics as the students’ skills grow over time.

Our teachers are smart, energetic people who care and enjoy passing along their knowledge, utilizing their energy, and sharing their passion for learning - they are experts in the subjects they teach. They create a vibrant learning environment, which teaches children the joy of acquiring knowledge and develops the self-confidence to advocate for their success. To further support our students, our primary grades have two teachers present in each classroom which helps the teachers divide their expertise and attention.

The primary language at our school is English. We accept students of all levels of English proficiency and work with them to build the skills necessary to be successful in our curriculum. Our Early Education Teachers can assist students in both English and Czech. Our students also have the opportunity to study Czech as one of their foreign languages from the early years of our program through graduation.

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