Duhovka High School

Duhovka High School

Ortenovo nám. 1274/34, Praha 7, 17000 Now open - closes at 17:00

Duhovka’s Czech-English, eight-year Montessori High School uses the Montessori teaching method which respects the natural abilities and skills of the students, and encourages curiosity and supports the development of critical and independent thinking. Duhovka High School is part of the comprehensive Duhovka Czech-English Montessori education system for children and youth aged between 1.5 and 19 years.

School profile:
• Eight-year full-time study program
• IB Diploma Programme
• Distance learning
• Czech-English teaching program
• Montessori pedagogy
• Individual approach
• Teacher as a guide
• Teamwork
• Project-based learning
• School clubs, Library, Theatre and Canteen
• Multimedia lab & IT room, Art & Music room, Craft workshop
• School events and Outdoor activities (water sports courses, cycling expeditions, etc.)
• School psychologist
• Reduced tuition rates for siblings

Our goal is mainly to teach children how to think in context and how to build on their skills, not only on theoretical knowledge. We want our graduates to have well-developed critical thinking skills, to be satisfied with who they are, and to be able to cope in life. We expect our students to not only continue their studies at university but also to become lifelong learners who will develop their skills throughout their lives.

The Duhovka High School educational program combines the requirements of the Czech high school curriculum with international programs. Our English program is taught in accordance with "Cambridge International Examinations" (Year 1 to Year 6) and an International Baccalaureate program is offered to new students as a possibility in their last two years of study. Our curriculum respects the balance between the language, humanities, and science-related elements of the curriculum, which also includes a wide range of optional subjects. We understand the interconnection between study and everyday life so work experience placements are offered to students in various companies. Students work together on a number of science projects (e.g. Water, Africa, Energy), humanities projects (e.g. Antiquity, Overseas Discoveries, the Habsburgs), or microeconomic educational projects (e.g. Christmas Academy, Easter Fair).


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