International Countryside School

International Countryside School

Na Džbánu 560, Praha 6, 16100 Now closed - opens

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Give your child the gift of a nurturing English environment at our nursery and preschool! We welcome children from 6 months to 6 years old, providing a safe and stimulating space for them to thrive. Open from 8:00 to 17:00.

We offer:
Beautiful classrooms set near the Džbán reservoir
Pony riding lessons
Healthy and delicious meals
Trips to our farm and animal care program
Adaptation program
Summer camp
Based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage and the International Curriculum

Our classes are carefully divided by age to ensure we cater to the individual needs, interests, and abilities of each child. This personalized approach allows us to:

Spark curiosity and ignite a love for learning through age-appropriate activities and play.
Nurture language development in a natural and immersive English environment.
Foster social and emotional growth through positive interactions with peers and teachers.

Immersed within the beauty of a nature park in Prague 6, our Ministry of Education-approved preschool fosters a unique blend of learning and exploration. Children connect with nature, embrace outdoor play, and cultivate a love for the environment.

As part of the Healthy School program, inspired by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, we offer nutritious meals.

Discover how your child can blossom in our nurturing environment! Visit us or contact us today to schedule a tour and learn more about our programs.

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Family-like education

Reviewed by user 03.03.2024
Simply, one of the best preschools in Prague 6. They offer pony riding and healthy meals for my daughter. Her English is getting better, therefore I am satisfied.
Response from owner: Thank you very much for this feedback.


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