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Meridian International School was founded in the year 2004. We are proud to be accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, but also as both a Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and a Council of British International Schools (COBIS) centre. We have students from around 50 countries and we teach according to the National Curriculum of England and Cambridge Curriculum, all subjects except the Czech language, and French language are taught exclusively in English.

Meridian International School (MIS) is founded on principles of excellence, integrity and creativity and is offering a full-scale K-12 quality education from Kindergarten to High School level.

The school is divided into three divisions: Kindergarten and Preschool, Primary and Secondary school. Each of these divisions is supervised and led by a Principal.


Our Kindergarten program is designed to help each child reach their full potential in an environment that is challenging, secure and nurturing. This is an exciting entry into a child's formal education and it is our hope that it will be a very positive beginning!

We believe that young children learn through active, purposeful interactions with a wide variety of learning materials and activities, which develop the growth of the whole child.

Classes are taught in English and children are divided into three levels- Starters, Movers, and Flyers.

1. At the age of 5 children enter our “Preschool” program- which can be thought of as year 0- preparation for Grade 1.
Meridian Kids Preschool is intended for children of all nations with or without knowledge of English. We provide a high quality services adapted to the individual needs of children and their parents.

The daily lessons are organized by the teachers designed to develop in young children an understanding of (Based on Key Stage 1 of British National Curriculum):
English, mathematics, science (basics of biology), and social studies (geography and history). English and mathematics are taught every day, whilst science and social studies are taught twice a week. Additionally, students are also exposed to and prepared for subjects that are taught in the Primary School section, such as design and technology, information technology, art and music.

The teacher’s role is to prepare materials that will develop an understanding of these concepts and to interact with the children in ways that develop language and thinking.

Every child is a partner for us. All our teachers are highly qualified with pedagogical education and international experience.


The primary school section was established in 2006. We teach according to the National Curriculum of England.

The Primary middle school section is for students ages 6-10.
The language of education for primary school is English but for Czech children there is also a Czech language program, plus additional foreign language such as French.
The aim and methods for primary school education are designed to strengthen positive elements of character development and promote inquiry based learning. Children learn through asking questions to acquire the knowledge base, discover connections and draw conclusions. Special activities are prepared by our professional staff to instill constructive habits and values in children such as disciplined work, reflective thinking, open-mindedness and caring for others.
All our teachers are highly qualified with pedagogical education and international experience from North America, South America, Europe and Africa.


The Secondary school section is for students ages 10-18.
Children from all national, cultural and religious backgrounds create a rich and affirmative school environment where they accept and learn from each other's differences. The language of instruction is English but knowledge of the English language is not a prerequisite for admission. There is a preparatory intensive language course for children with poor English.
Along with English, students also study another foreign language as French or Spanish. For Czech students there are compulsory Czech language lessons and history lessons.
The academic mission of the middle school section is to prepare its students rigorously in all subject fields for higher education. However, emphasis is placed on English, Math, Biology, Geography, Business, Economy, Science and IT and Technology education.
The learning experience is enhanced through annual school trips. Foreign countries are preferred destinations for these trips because they increase the international exposure for the students.

Meridian International School is a member of University of Cambridge International Examinations Centre. CIE qualification exists in over 150 countries, is progressive, flexible and helping schools develop successful students. At the end of Cambridge Secondary school, learners gain Cambridge IGCSE qualifications which is recognized by universities and employers worldwide as equivalent to the UK General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

1. Long tradition
Meridian International School was established in the year 2004 and thus it is an institution with an established tradition that continues to grow every year. With years of experience, we always try to adapt to new teaching trends and incorporate new techniques that will make learning as effective and efficient as possible.
2. Location
Meridian is located near all public transport means, but at the same time it remains positioned in a calm, peaceful area, surrounded by parks. The primary school itself has a big garden that allows children to enjoy break-time outside in the fresh air. The area of Prague 8 is safe and ideal for children, yet it is still close to the city centre by both car and public transport.
3. Multinational community
It is always an enriching experience to meet and get to know people from different cultures. Meridian International School is home to students from more than 50 countries of the world. This gives our students a chance to experience a great variety of traditions and lifestyles, which they can both share and learn from. Living in a multinational community teaches children respect and broadens their horizons.
4. International teachers
At Meridian, all of our (English, Czech and French) language teachers are native speakers, who ensure that children grasp modern languages in the best possible way. At the same time Meridian harbors teachers from all over the world, with different teaching styles. This makes learning much more fun, as children get to experience a variety of learning techniques from different parts of the world. Moreover, all our teachers are experienced professionals that will always try their best to give your children a quality education.
5. Worldwide accepted accreditation
A good accreditation is one of the most important aspects of education, as it enables students to be accepted to universities, as well as other learning facilities all around the world. Accreditation is a gate for future studies, as well as career. As one of the few international schools in the Czech Republic that is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Meridian is also honoured to be accredited as both a Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and a Council of British International Schools (COBIS) centre.
6. Friendly atmosphere
At meridian we strongly believe that in order for learning and education to be successful and fruitful, it has to also be fun and entertaining. Our team tries their best to transfer knowledge through activities that are not only efficient, but are also exciting and interesting for the students. Interactive learning is one of our main goals!
7. Days filled with activities
Besides regular classes and lessons, students at Meridian International School have a wide range of clubs they can attend after their lectures are over. These clubs enable our students to enrich their skills and knowledge in areas that they are interested in most, or in which they have their strongest talents. Besides these regular club sessions, our teachers try to organize other activities and trips to interesting places both in and outside of Prague, to enable students to learn and spend time together away from the classroom. Children also have the opportunity to travel abroad for the Model United Nations event.
8. Ambitious Environment
As previously mentioned, Meridian International School was founded in the year 2004, but has since come a long way. From annual reconstructions of the school surroundings, to renovation or classroom facilities, Meridian tries to create a learning environment that is modern and meets all the standards of today’s lifestyle. We are proud to say that every year Meridian gains new students, which has led to the opening of a new school building in the year 2016/2017, where the secondary and high school sections have since been moved. Meridian is a school that takes pride in growth and improvement. On average, we have a 10% annual growth in terms of the number of students (newcomers-leaving students).
9. Small Classes
Classes at Meridian international school consist only of a small amount of students per one teacher (12 students/one teacher and one assistant in the kindergarten; 16 students/one teacher in Preschool; 1-12 grade, a maximum of 18 students per class), which ensures a comfortable learning environment in which students are able to get the individual care that is necessary for the quality of their education.

We would like to invite you to visit Meridian International School during our working hours whenever it is suitable for you. You can arrange an appointment with our registration official Ing. Pavlína Dalíková, Ph.D. (+420 775 581 580, The appointment is usually about 20 to 40 minutes long and you will receive complete information about our school including a school tour together with the possibility to visit specific classes and talk to the teacher/s and students. Most importantly, you can experience the unique atmosphere in the classes and at our school in general.

We look forward to welcoming you at our school!

Meridian Team

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Awesome School

Reviewed by user 08.01.2022
I attended this school for a few years and I would definitely recommend it. Great teachers, staff and multicultural experience.

Zdenek N.

Reviewed by Zdenek N 07.01.2022
I highly recommend this school. They even have maturita exams which were very important for my children. Most of the teachers are native English speakers and they have French, Spanish, and German language lessons.