Extelligence s.r.o

Extelligence s.r.o

Vodicova 26, Praha 1, 11000

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Extelligence is a new player in the area of Information Management consultancy and solutions. We maybe new, but we are old hands at understanding information management problems and potential solutions, we bring with us experience from various market segments along with appreciation of how technology can solve these problems.

Of course we are aware that there are many similar consultancies offering the services we are going to offer, however where we differ is the high level of customer service, we will work hard, with honesty and with determination to ensure that we deliver what we promise. Nothing less will be acceptable to us!

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In the centre of Prague, ready to help with visas, zivno (trade lic.), partnership residency, CZ & US tax returns, establishing sro company, virtual address, parental allowance...