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Is your apartment a mess? The good news is you don’t have to spend your precious free time on house cleaning.
Let our cleaning service make it up for you. We will make your apartment shine, just tell us what you need - ocassional or regular cleanup, simple or deep, dusting, mopping, washing windows, vacuuming, ironing etc.

Household cleaning and ironing 250kc/hour. The minimum work time is 4 hours for one visit.
Short -time cleaning (less than 4 hours) and weekend is charge for 300kc/hour.

We are doing URGENT cleaning service . Charge is 350kc/hour include transport within the city:
***the same day*** ( if you order the cleaning till 9am the same day)
***or the next day*** (if you order the cleaning till 19pm one day before)
If you want the fastest results, you can pick up toys, laundry, household items, and clutter before the team arrives. This allows us to move through your home more quickly while thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting. No time for decluttering? We have you covered. We’re ready to tackle even the biggest messes and know how to track down even the most hidden dust and dirt.

To Do list to make sure you get the best possible experience in that time. Most people who are requesting same day appointments have some sort of emergency cleaning situation, so it helps to specify exactly what it is you are looking to get done. You can take photos of exactly how you want things done too!

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Excellent work & very flexible on timing

Reviewed by user 05.12.2022
I needed really quick help on short notice and this worked really well. Viktoria and her colleague were quick and diligent - can absolutely recommend their service.

CLEAN FREEDOM- absolutely amazing

Reviewed by user 22.11.2022
Viktoria came to my house and cleaned it so well and efficiently. Would 100% recommend to anyone