Baby Sleep Coaching

Baby Sleep Coaching

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Is your baby frequently waking up at night? Is your child always struggling to fall asleep? Are you having trouble find the right daily pattern? Is your baby only napping for short periods of time?

If this sounds familiar, I am here to help! My name is Marijke den Baas and I am a certified Baby Sleep Coach. I help families to sleep better by teaching your baby how to fall asleep. I use a holistic approach during sleep coaching to ensure that both the parent(s) and child will sleep successfully and happily. I take into account the baby's character, the family situation and the preferences of the parent(s) in order to determine the sleep method that fits best. I love working with gentle methods, as this is very needed for some kids!

I work with kids from newborn up to 4 years old. I work online as well as at your home.
Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation, Im always happy to discuss your sleep problems.

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