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We offer our clients a well thought-out model, a discreet approach, and we always act solely on the customer’s own interests. We provide a wide spectrum of services connected with a property owner change, especially concerning of legislation, certified appraisals of the property value, processing the yield estimate in an investment purchase, mortgage financing, consultation and implementation concerning the architecture, construction, and modern technology connected with the housing.

Asten Property offers property owners a complex spectrum of services, in addition to all of which accompanies a property sale. Through consultation, our own database of clients, and an individual sale strategy drawn up individually for each property, we are able to ensure a smooth sale process. There are a wide variety of activities, among others being a tour of the property, a professional photo shoot, a design for an appropriate media mix, well thought-out advertising materials, preparation and implementation of events, online presentations, scanning over properties on select markets both Czech and abroad, continuous management, evaluation ratings, reporting to clients, etc. Upon agreement with the client, we will provide marketing coverage and securing cooperation with other real estate agencies and servers. Our aim is to minimize the necessary involvement of the property owner at the actual sale and ensure the quickest possible sale for the most advantageous conditions.

Cooperation with developers is set aside in detail in a separate chapter of our strategy. Apart from the implementation of the project, developers must ensure the cooperation with a media, digital, creative, and PR agency in addition to real estate agencies. Asten Property provides a “one-stop-shop” offering all these services to the developer as a whole package. The commercial success of the developer then simultaneously becomes our main interest.

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