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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 13.10.2010 12:36:18 (updated on 13.10.2010) Reading time: 3 minutes

Monday 11 October MYCLINIC Prague organised a press conference where they launched a new approach to skin rejuvenation. Dr. Lenka Paralova (left) and Dr. Helga van den Elzen (right) showed the journalists that wrinkles are not the primary focus anymore but restoring facial contours and shape is what determines the youthfulness in a face.

Research has shown that 80% of your facial appearance is determined by the contours and proportions in your face. To have a youthful look this needs to be in balance. In fact, it is about the total look and not about the filling of that one wrinkle or just the turning of the corner of the mouth. As such, MYCLINIC offers a combination of non-invasive treatments customized to restore and enhance the character of each individual by restoring its youthful appearance called the Liquid Facelift.

Changes over time

Aging is not only ´skin deep´. We all know that the skin gets thinner, loses flexibility and tightness over time, however this is not the biggest problem. With age the facial bones shrink and with it the underlying tissues and muscles. All these factors cause the skin to not fit tightly around the underlying structures anymore. This result is wrinkles, shadows, hollow cheeks, sagging skin and jowls.
Harmony and balance determine a youthful appearance. It is about the total look: your whole face.

A customised combination of treatments

The liquid facelift is a customised combination of products and innovative methods aimed to restoring the balance and thus youthfulness to your face. A targeted approach entailing small and safe interventions to give a natural look is the utmost priority. The treatment consists of 4 different elements each using a different intervention:
  1.  Relaxation: Botulintoxin is used to relax the muscles -for example going from a worried, angry look to a relaxed look
  2.  Superficial Fillers: Fillers are used in the lines and wrinkles in the face to turn a negative look into a positive one – for example by turning the corners of the mouth upwards rather than downwards
  3.  Deep Fillers: These restore the contours and volume of the face – for example by filling bumps and dents, thus even contours are brought back
  4.  Skin Texturising: Chemical peels, medical facials to rejuvenate the skin  – for example these treatments fight against dullness of the skin

A personal schedule entailing a combination of these methods will be put together based on a time frame that suits you best.

Experience is everything

To be able to guarantee the best result, a sharp cosmetic eye and extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy, are the most important requirements. This can only come with experience. It is good to know that the doctors at MYCLINIC have been doing more than 7000 injectable treatments since the opening of the clinic in 2005. Trained by our Dutch partner Dr. Helga van den Elzen, who has done more than 17.000 injectable treatments in her career, our doctors are the experts in analysing the face and determining the possibilities and impossibilities.

Helga van den Elzen is one of the founders of the liquid facelift, is regularly invited to international workshops and congresses to present this ‘whole face approach’.

Also prevention

Since a person´s appearance is determined by details, we believe in the importance of the detail. As such this method does not only seek to enhance beauty by restoration but is also as a preventative treatment to halt facial ageing.
The liquid facelift is suitable for both men and women regardless of age.

The most beautiful you

A gentle, but multi-targeted approach is first and foremost aimed to enhance your very own natural beauty. It is not the aim of MYCLINIC to change your look, merely to identify and restore some of the often small details that have been lost over time. The doctors at MYCLINIC can turn nature around so you can once again recognize the most beautiful version of you!

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