Why you should work for Veeam, one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Prague

Veeam is currently expanding in Prague in a big way, and we met with some of their current employees to find out why you should become their next

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 05.11.2019 07:00:46 (updated on 05.11.2019) Reading time: 4 minutes

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We’ve previously written about Veeam, one of the world’s leading private software firms and leaders in backup solutions that is currently expanding in Prague in a very big way.

Along with a new 3,000 square-meter headquarters in the Czech capital’s burgeoning Holešovice district, Veeam also plans to hire an estimated 500 new employees in Prague over the next few years.

The company’s Quality Assurance (QA) department in Prague is one of the areas where Veeam is currently recruiting – and we recently had the chance to speak with some of the company’s current employees in the QA department to find out why you might want to consider joining them.

Veeam’s QA Team is responsible for ensuring the quality of the company’s software products, and includes extensive testing and bug-finding missions. What’s it like to work in Veeam’s QA department?

At Veeam’s Prague offices

“We always try to think about every detail of the process and find ways to improve it, no matter if we speak about testing methods, knowledge sharing, or fruits in the kitchen,” says QA Manager Nikita Efes, who relocated from Saint Petersburg when Veeam expanded into Prague.

“We believe that to make great products, all the departments should work together and help each other. QA have regular interactions with Developers, Product Managers, Technical Writers and Support, and we always try to make this communication friendly and effective.”

“We all know each of us does their job and does it well, so you can always ask a colleague and get a detailed answer,” says Roman Rastopshin, an Experienced QA Engineer from Astrakhan, Russia.

Experienced QA Engineer Roman Rastopshin

“You can also propose your own solution to a problem and it will be considered.”

The career path in Veeam’s QA department is well-defined, with Junior Engineers growing into Experienced and Senior Engineers and ultimately QA Architects or QA Managers.

“The first several years of junior career is pretty straightforward: people learn profession, technologies, our products, soft skills. 3-5 years should be enough to grow to an Experienced Engineer,” says Nikita.

“I believe that there are no limits,” says QA Engineer Dmitry Kuznetsov, who left a large telecommunications company after 15 years to work for Veeam.

“If you work hard – you can achieve any described position in a few years. I know people who have done it. And here there are no reasons like ‘we don’t have open senior positions’ for your promotion – and it is really different from my previous job, where nobody cared about how good your work is, because ‘you can’t become Senior Engineer until one of our existing seniors is fired.’ It’s amazing!”

Inside Veeam’s QA Department

What kind of technical background would help a prospective employee looking to work in Veeam’s QA department?

“Any,” says Jan Faltys, a Junior QA Engineer from České Budějovice who came to Prague for university and found Veeam through LinkedIn.

“It depends on the product and the team. People capable and willing to learn can fill potential gaps in the hard skills department. Of course, operating systems and networking knowledge, or scripting/programming could be a good bonus in the beginning.”

Others echoed the suggestion that while technical or professional experience is beneficial, it isn’t a requirement.

“I didn’t have any experience in software testing but the job description said ‘no experience required,’” adds Dmitry.

“In most cases this is not true. Many companies lie about it. They refuse you because you are ‘too old to have no work experience.’ But I believed and gave myself a chance – I sent my resume to Veeam. They weren’t kidding, and now I’m part of the Veeam QA team.”

Facilities at Veeam’s Prague offices

What do Veeam employees like most about working for the company?

“I really like that I am responsible for the quality of the product, so I not only find bugs, but also offer solutions to improve or modify new and existing functionality. And, of course, my colleagues – working with most of them is a pleasure,” says Roman.

“I like that I can grow as a professional, participate in making products that protect real companies, big and small, from losing their data. I like feeling friendly and positive approach from colleagues across all departments,” adds Nikita.

“I’m not sure there are many companies at all [in Prague], who can offer so many opportunities for passionate person to become respected and well-paid professional.”

Each of Veeam’s employees we spoke with stated that they first found their position with the company online, whether in the Czech Republic or abroad.

If you’re interested in joining Veeam’s QA Team, so can you: have a look at the current open vacancies and apply through this link.

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