A Prague shopping center is taking disinfection measures to the next level

A full-body disinfectant frame recently installed at Westfield Chodov gives shoppers an all-over anti-COVID bath

Samantha Tatro

Written by Samantha Tatro Published on 25.09.2020 13:07:00 (updated on 25.09.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

The Westfield Chodov mall is testing a new way to keep shoppers safe during the coronavirus pandemic: a full body disinfection frame.

The device, located between the exit of the metro and the Albert supermarket, spritzes customers from head to toe with an all-natural disinfectant.

"By spraying a gentle biocidal substance, the frame will ensure fast and effective whole-body disinfection for up to 900 people per hour," the shopping center wrote of the newly installed anti-COVID contraption on its website.

Westfield Chodov has been particularly diligent about keeping their facilities clean following the spring lockdown.

In June, the mall began deploying robots to clean cleaning critical surfaces like elevator buttons, ATMs, handles and railings using UV technology. It also boasts a "rouskamat" vending machine in addition to the required hand disinfectant stations.

Westfield Chodov manager Tereza Raidová told Czech publication Novinky. "In addition to mandatory measures, we also undergo a Health and Safety audit. At the beginning of July, the shopping center received the highest level of certification, Safe & Healthy Places, which is a confirmation of the maximum standards in the field of hygiene, safety and the environment."

The full-body frame was introduced in September. The device made its debut at a shopping mall in České Budějovice in August. It's produced by Czech company Novirea, sro.

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