A Prague-based clinic is at the forefront of varicose-vein removal

Vasmedic is one of the few clinics in Czechia that’s fully equipped to undertake high-tech, innovative surgeries that remove unwanted veins.

Julie O'Shea

Written by Julie O'Shea Published on 03.10.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 05.10.2023) Reading time: 5 minutes

Over the last several years, the number of people seeking treatment for varicose veins has skyrocketed thanks largely to rising obesity rates and an aging population.

The process of getting rid of these lumpy protruding veins, primarily found on the legs and feet, used to be complicated and painful. However, vascular technology has seen significant advances in recent years, becoming less invasive and allowing patients to jump back into their daily routines much faster. 

For those looking to embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle – one that’s finally free of varicose veins – Vasmedic can help. 

This reputable Smíchov clinic is at the forefront of first-rate vascular surgeries and customized treatment plans, priding itself on offering extremely individualized care at affordable prices, making quality vein treatments accessible to everyone. This includes patients who have been refused further surgery elsewhere.  

Varicose veins seem like an inevitability for many of us. Modern lifestyles that have more and more people sitting in front of computers for long periods of time greatly factor into the onset and progression of this health problem, medical experts agree, especially for those in the 30+ age category. Long periods of standing can also lead to varicose veins, as can, unsurprisingly, a lack of exercise. Genetics is another huge smoking gun.  

In other words, there are a lot of variables at play here, which increase the likelihood that many will develop varicose veins at some point in their lives. Oftentimes, however, people will put off seeking treatment – due a lack of time or money or, perhaps, fear – until the problem grows critical. But physicians are urging people not to procrastinate, as untreated varicose veins can eventually make walking, or really any kind of movement, painful if not impossible.               

Vasmedic has a strong track record for effectively treating a wide range of vascular diseases, with a particular focus on addressing hereditary vein and artery issues. The clinic's treatments also benefit individuals with active lifestyles, including runners and cyclists.

The team – headed by Dr. Libor Dvořáček, a renowned specialist in venous and vascular surgery – is one of just a handful in Prague that’s fully equipped and experienced enough to undertake these high-tech, innovative surgeries. Dvořáček and his team have worked tirelessly to perfect modern, gentler vein removal methods.

The process is painless, fast and easy.

You won’t have to worry about general anesthesia. Vasmedic is able to remove these unsightly, often painful veins without having to put you under. You also won’t have to worry about spending days recuperating in the hospital either. Vasmedic’s vascular surgeries are followed by a very short recovery period, with patients generally wearing compression stockings for just up to two weeks post-op.   

Most importantly, you’ll receive personalized care from start to finish and get back to living your best life in no time. Patients can resume their daily routines almost immediately after surgery.

Vasmedic offers a number of painless, minimally invasive options for getting rid of varicose veins. The EVLA Laser method uses a simple and gentle procedure that closes the veins using heat emitted from a laser. 

From a small puncture, the surgeon will insert a laser fiber into the vein, which is sealed and gradually turns into a strip of connective tissue over the next  six to 12 weeks.

The VenaSeal system vein bonding method, meanwhile, gently seals your varicose veins with biological glue, allowing you to resume your daily routines immediately. The surgeon doesn’t have to anesthetize the tissue around the entire vein, just one spot is enough. The vein closes immediately as the tissue adhesive acts on its lining and mutual polymerization occurs. 

Vasmedic also recommends a Mini-Phlebectomy for getting rid of unsightly superficial varicose veins. During this mini-invasive procedure, the problematic vein is gently pulled out of the tissue using a wire with a hook. 

ClariVein typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete, so in theory you won’t even have to take a whole day off work.  

To achieve the best results, this method is often combined with the EVLA laser method or vein sclerotization.

Vasmedic also performs the highly touted ClariVein method. This minimally invasive method minimizes any possible nerve damage to veins, skin and surrounding tissue, and there is typically little to no swelling or bruising after the procedure. There is also minimal chance of varicose vein recurrence in the future.

In order to achieve the most successful aesthetic result, Vasmedic supplements the ClariVein method with phlebectomy, which is the direct removal of relief varices from small punctures under local anesthesia.  

In order to achieve the most successful aesthetic result, Vasmedic supplements the ClariVein method with phlebectomy, which is the direct removal of relief varices from small punctures under local anesthesia. 

Smaller varices as well as so-called “scrotal varices” can be gently removed without the need for surgical intervention using sclerotization or laser. All methods are complementary and build on each other so that all levels of varicosity can be removed in the shortest possible time period with the best possible aesthetic result.

If you prefer a more traditional route, the clinic also offers classic surgical treatment options for varicose vein removal, using radiofrequency or laser instruments. 

During the initial examination, your doctor will take into consideration your lifestyle, age and the conditions of your veins before suggesting the most appropriate – and gentlest – procedures with the least risk of the problem recurring. Many clinics typically push only one or two methods they have invested in. Vasmedic, meanwhile, offers a wide range of modern, minimally invasive treatments – thermal, non-thermal, laser and chemical.  

With your surgeon’s guidance, the final choice is yours.

Vasmedic doctors are there to act as your personal guide to help you navigate the complexity and treatment of your overall health concerns.  

While 80 percent of its business is driven by vein-removal procedures, Vasmedic is a multidisciplinary health clinic and offers various other services. Its other departments include physiotherapy, ENT, neurology and aesthetic medicine.

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