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Policies and recommendations for submitting a user review to Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 16.10.2008 17:53:19 (updated on 16.10.2008) Reading time: 3 minutes

Submit your own review of a restaurant, business, shop, or other listing in our business directory. By sharing your opinion with our community, you’re helping local residents find the best places to eat, shop, and do business. Please read the following guidelines before posting a review.

Some questions to ponder while writing a review:

Did the experience meet or exceed your expectations?
Will you go back soon?
How did this business compare to similar businesses in your area?
Do you feel like you got what you paid for?
What did you like?
What did you dislike?
Would you recommend this business to your friends?

Star ratings

While star ratings can mean different things to different people, a good guideline to go by is:

1/5 – Poor
2/5 – Below Average
3/5 – Average
4/5 – Above Average
5/5 – Excellent

Be fair and balanced when giving a star rating. Does this business really deserve a black-and-white 1/5 or 5/5? Readers tend to dismiss reviews that fall at the ends of the rating spectrum.

Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Only post reviews for companies that you have had a personal and full experience with. Your friend was unsatisfied? A receptionist greeted you rudely and you left? The company didn´t return your emails? Shocking, we know – but you don´t have enough experience to submit a review to our site. Please feel free to share your experiences on our discussion forums.
  • Don´t post reviews for your own business. Or your friend´s business. Or your competitor´s business. Or a business you are working for, or have previously worked for. It should go without saying: the objectivity of each individual review is vital to the relevance of our review system. If we suspect a company or person is abusing our review system, the listing and/or user accounts will be removed.
  • Keep it short (but not too short! Sentence-long reviews will be deleted automatically) and stick to the point – the recommended length for reviews is 100 to 250 words.
  • Write reviews for multiple businesses. Use our discussion forums. Reviews from users who have had no other site activity are likely to be dismissed by readers – and for good reason.
  • Don´t be abusive. Foul language, false, defamatory, or libelous statements, impersonating another user or posting personal information, illegal or otherwise questionable content is all grounds for deletion of the review and action taken against the user´s account.
  • Reviews MUST be your own words and original thoughts – don´t use your account to post information from a friend or client, or infringe on someone else´s intellectual property.
  • Reviews are meant to be text only. Don´t upload any html, viruses, or malicious code.
  • While we acknowledge that many site users are not native English speakers, user reviews must be in English, and we expect a certain level of coherency. Reviews riddled with typos and grammar issues will be declined.

Are these reviews genuine? does its best to validate each review that comes to our site. Of course, we cannot prevent every instance of potentially fraudulent reviews. If you come across a suspicious review, please help us out by contacting us.

Users are limited to one review per business listing.

Unhappy with your review? Change your mind about a business? Contact our office to have your original review deleted and re-post another.

Reviewing for this listing is disabled?

Companies have the right to turn off the reviewing feature for their business listing. Of course, this excludes the possibility of them receiving good reviews from our community.


By submitting a review, you agree that may include your review on its website. reserves the right to decline or remove any review that does not follow these guidelines or the general Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions. is in no way, shape, or form responsible or liable for reviews submitted by its members.

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