Travel in August: here's where you can fly from Czech Republic for your vacation

If you are looking to travel to some of Europe's most beautiful capitals, you won't be disappointed. However, there are limited options to destinations beyond Europe

Samantha Tatro

Written by Samantha Tatro Published on 31.07.2020 10:23:44 (updated on 31.07.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

If you’re looking to take your summer vacation soon, August might be the time to do it.

More and more flight connections are now operating from the Prague Airport, and ticket prices are much lower than last season. Here’s a round-up of the current situation.

Where Can You Fly? 

The summer season is a bit different this year. According to a spokeswoman for Prague Airport, only about half of the usual flights are operating right now.

If you are looking to travel to some of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, you won’t be disappointed with your options. Major carriers are operating flights to capitals like Rome, Paris, Madrid and more.

There are a number of options for popular routes as well. For example, you can fly to several different spots in Spain from Czech Republic, including the canary islands or Mallorca.

If you’re going to Greece, you have the option to fly to Athens and to several other Greek islands.

However, flights to destinations outside the European Union remain a bit more scarce. Last year, around 15 long haul flights operated from the Prague Airport. This year, only a few long haul flights have been announced. You can fly to Qatar and starting in August, to Dubai as well. From August 21, flights will resume to Seoul, South Korea, the further place you can travel to directly from the Prague Airport.

“Of the popular summer destinations, there are currently no flights to Antalya or Bodrum in Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia,” Kateřina Pavlíková, a spokeswoman for Prague Airport, told iDnes.

If travelers are looking to get to some of those destinations, they will have to rely on travel agencies’ charter flights instead of booking their own flights.

Czech residents looking to travel across the pond may find it difficult to get there, at least from the Prague Airport. Regular flights between the U.S. and Canada will likely not resume until the end of the year, according to Pavlíková.

Flights to Russia and China have not resumed, either, and there is no ETA on when they may resume, according to Pavlíková.

Ticket Prices

There is one small benefit to the current pandemic situation: flight prices are much cheaper than they have been in the past. One reason is because many of the flights operating now are operating to European destinations, and these routes are normally run by low-cost airlines anyways.


“You can buy return tickets to European destinations for prices starting at twenty euros,” Aleš Ondrůj, spokesman for Student Agency, told iDnes. “Even today, it is not a problem with these carriers to buy a ticket to the most popular destinations for around 2,000 crowns, which is less than last year, when they could also be bought, but now there are significantly more available and for a longer sales period.”

Ticket prices have been so low due to weak demand to travel. Though demand has slowly been increasing, it is likely ticket prices will remain low for a while, spokesman of the server Jozef Rybár told iDnes.

Even so, this summer season has seen fewer travelers in the Prague Airport than the previous year. The situation is also affecting the airport in Brno, where the airport staff say they are facing a record decline in passengers.

“For example, last year we handled 86,781 people in June alone, this year in June it was only 375 passengers,” the spokesman for Brno Airport, Jakub Splavec, told iDnes. “We have been flying Greece and Bulgaria since July, some of the most popular summer destinations, but we feel that this season will be really bad.”

Safety Measures

If you’re heading to the airport, remember to bring your mask and maintain safe social distancing at all times. Officials recommend you arrive two hours for your flight, but that’s no different from previous recommendations.

If you are traveling to a destination that requires a COVID-19 test, Prague airport offers testing directly in the airport. However, the testing has become so popular that it can take hours to get tested. To learn more, click here.

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