The Fugitives

Laura Hughes looks at La Rinascita Staff

Written by Staff Published on 31.05.2010 09:38:02 (updated on 31.05.2010) Reading time: 1 minute

La Rinascita, founded in January 2010, state their aim as creating ensemble driven experimental work. They establish themselves as firmly capable of this in their exuberant reworking of Aeschylus.

A highly imaginative production, ‘The Fugitives´ is a banquet for the senses from start to finish.  Upon entering the theatre, we find the Orestes character maniacally scribbling notes on the floor while Electra slowly descends from overhead, spotlight in hand. Characters retreat throughout the show to and from a large table laden with memories. With each memory, the characters are served a tumultuous yet temporary respite, which they clearly desire. Its rhythm ebbs and flows beautifully, with each memory temporarily staving off an unnamed driving and destructive force

All of this is displayed through such fantastic visuals, which make the production undeniably fun. The frantic and seemingly futile driving need for peace is well realized as each memory allows the characters total indulgence before their inevitable demise. Each of these episodes is limber enough to transfigure seamlessly to the next while resolutely avoiding any unnecessary embellishments, which a lesser production could easily have slid towards. This was compelling enough for its only fault to be that it felt it ended too soon.

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