The Diary of a Sentimental Killer

From the novel by Luis Sepúlveda Staff

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Teatro Dei Borgia  


From the novel by Luis Sepúlveda, in its first English translation by Paul Grens. Music by papaceccio mmc and Francesco “Cespo” Santalucia.

“A clear and faultless production” Corriere della Sera

[20 May 2011 – Corato, Italy] Teatro dei Borgia today announced the Czech premiere of Chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda´s The Diary of a Sentimental Killer, directed and performed by Gianpiero Borgia. Performances will take place 27th May- 4 th June at 22.00 in the Divadlo Inspirace, as part of the Fringe Festival Praha.

It is 1995, and a professional killer, nearing the end of a brilliant career, is suddenly faced with an assignment that makes him question everything he holds dear.  It should be just another job, but somehow he can´t shake his desire to know more about his victim.  Meanwhile, he is obsessed with the girlfriend who he has sent away to Mexico while he finishes his work.

Diary of a Sentimental Killer brings us inside the hard, cold mind of a murderer just as the first small crack begins to appear.  The struggle between his long-held professional code of ethics and his own humanity is played out before our eyes, as he faces down not only his intended victim (to whom, as it turns out, he owes his life), but also the “man in mirror,” in a battle between reason and feeling.

This production, which confidently struts the delicate line between parody and homage to the genre of film noir, marks Teatro dei Borgia´s first  attendance at the Praha Fringe, after five presences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  The company´s work has consistently been praised for its bold, provocative and innovative brand of storytelling.

Luis Sepúlveda, on whose book this production is based, was born in Chile in 1949.   While arguably Chile´s most famous living writer, he is also well known as a film director, journalist and political activist.  Both his writing and his activism have taken him throughout South America and Europe, and his influence has spread around the world, with his works being translated into many languages.

Gianpiero Borgia, who both stars in, and directed the original Italian production of the show, is the founder and manager of Teatro dei Borgia.  He began his training with Giorgio Albertazzi and continued his studies as an actor at the Experimental Film Centre and as a director at the GITIS Master for foreigners.  He has worked as an assistant for Jurij Alschitz for years and is qualified for teaching and the development of Alschitz´s method of theatrical training techniques.  He received the National Critics Association Award for How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients and has been nominated for several other awards in Italy and abroad.

The Diary of a Sentimental Killer will be performed daily @ 22.00 (1 hr) from 27th May- 4 th June in the Divadlo Inspirace, Malostranské námestí 13, Malá Strana, Praha 1.


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2006
Zoo Southside

“There´s a truly international flavour to this presentation by Teatro dei BorgiaThere is much to admire in this performance.  It´s warm and humorous, often moving, and is played out against an exquisite white, gold and scarlet design”
Broadway Baby

“Annika Strohm gives a vibrant and sexy performance playing all the characters in the play. The set is stunning. An unusual and creative production.”

“Both gorgeous and provocative  An exciting meditation on sex, morality and the quest for perfection”
The Scotsman

“A sexy and quirky tale about a nun-cum prostitute who juggles with the idea of whether the perfect life amounts to aspiration and success or equanimity and marriage.   [A] breathless and candid monologue”
The List

ESCAPING HAMLET (Nominated – Total Theatre Award)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007
Underbelly Cow Barn

“Shimmering!   A brave and imaginative exploration of one of Shakespeare’s most complex plays  An entirely new piece of work, much more than a mere adaptation.”
Edinburgh Evening News

“A thing of heady, fearsome enchantment.  Giuseppe Avallone’s direction is awash with magnificently haunting flourishes.  A whimsical, tragic postmodern fairy tale that thrusts Shakespeare’s characters through the looking glass and into a terrifying, beautiful wonderland.”

“There is much to admire about this lavish production.[It] has originality and breadth of vision Set in the heady netherland between the surreal world of dreams and a darkly macabre fairytale where debauchery and games play centre stage.”
The Scotsman

“A real treat!  The corruption and degradation at the heart of Denmark is realised perfectly through the play´s beautiful language and its bold, colourful direction. This is a visually stunning production, convincingly portraying the world of Hamlet while simultaneously re-imagining it with great style and purpose. There are moments of extraordinary power. Manic, depressive, conflicted, funny, heart-breaking, wise, elegant, and complete.”

“A MUST SEE.  A splendidly surreal script thrust right into Denmark´s rotten heart. Gloriously kitsch, packed with camp, this is surreal pantomime in the Italian tradition.”
The Stage

“A new surreal adaptation. which reeks of style and quality Performed with a good sense of classical humour, the actors do well to produce a pseudo-puppet show that both intrigues and amuses.”
Broadway Baby

“The costumes and staging are bold and brash  Full of sound and fury.”
British Theatre Guide

INSIDE YERMA (Nominated International Festival Award)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2008
Pleasance Dome

“TALK about a ballsy casting decision. It comes as an almighty shock to see Yerma played by a man, (and not by) just any man, either, but by a particularly manly-looking one. Gradually, however, it all starts to make sense. This performance is a real tour de force, both nuanced and heartfelt.”
The Scotsman

‘It wasn´t the magical ambience that impressed me, but the soulful, anguished voice of the man who played the wife which captivated me.   You can love or hate this work.  No compromises. Just as theatre should always be. I loved it!  Go and see this very special production.”
‘An inspired, mesmerising experience…´
The Stage

“An innovative, fairly out-there experience, even for the Fringe.a bold concept, which works.´”

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