Tell us: How would you rate hospitality in Czech homes?

As a debate heats up over food sharing traditions across different European countries, Czechia ranks among moderately hospitable countries. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 11.07.2022 18:00:00 (updated on 11.07.2022) Reading time: 1 minute

If you had a friend over at your home, would you invite them to join you for dinner? Or would you devour the meal without sharing a bite?

This debate has sparked a lively debate over Twitter. One person related what happened at a Swedish friend's house. "While we were playing in his room, his mom yelled that dinner was ready. And check this. He told me to WAIT in his room while they ate."

As people began debating the level of hospitality in their countries, a lot of criticism fell on Sweden from people outside of Scandinavia. The #SwedenGate conversation expanded to involve social scientists, with one amateur sociologist sharing an infographic on hospitality around Europe, which was widely shared on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The Czech Republic ranks among countries in which receiving food as a guest at someone's house is usually to be expected. Countries sharing the same social dynamic include all of Eastern Europe as well as Slovenia, northern Italy, and parts of France and Spain.

The most hospitable countries, where a guest almost always would expect to receive food, are in the southern part of Europe. These include the southern part of Italy, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, and most of Spain.

The Nordic countries are ranked as the most unlikely to give food to their guests. One explanation is that Scandinavia, societies value equality and independence. People there don't want to put a burden on someone or make them feel like they owe someone something. However, many users still objected to this notion, saying that no guests would be neglected at their homes during meal time.

We want to ask how you evaluate hospitality in Czech homes. Is it different from your home country?

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